Tax consulting

VAT refund

A VAT refund is the refund process from the budget that occurs if the amount of VAT deductions based on the results of a tax period is greater than the sum of the tax estimated to payment in the budget.

Tax optimization

Tax optimization is a set of tools and methods that tax lawyers use for legal tax credit of the taxpayer.

Refund of overpayment of taxes

Because of advance payments, adjustments (submitting of corrective declarations), which tend to reduce taxes may be necessary to return the overpayment of taxes.

Legal support during tax audits

Tax authorities may carry out cameral tax check at least once a quarter, field tax has to be performed once in three years.
The tax counter check, desk or field, may lead the tax-payer.

Administration of contracts

An incorrectly written contract with the contractor or the lack of it leads to litigation. At the initial stage of starting business well-written and detailed contract will significantly reduce the risk of claims by tax authorities and counterparties in the future.
Continuous legal support is protection of client’s interests in the sphere of a specific project.