CNN, Our customer since 1995


Our customer since 1995

“We are an American company, and believe me, we know what an effective payroll outsourcing service is”, says Elena Berezovskaya, General Manager of the Moscow Bureau of CNN Russia.

“We have been working with UCMS Group Russia for about 19 years. Over this time we have enjoyed working with this provider. Speed, attention and readiness of UCMS Group Russia team to help any time was invaluable for a way out in truly difficult situations. Now, we are not just business partners, we are such good friends.

I think that the selection of UCMS Group Russia was one of our best business decisions since the incorporation of CNN in Russia.

UCMS Group Russia attentive staff with a gentle voice, charming smile and absolute patience gives us faith in mutual friendship in the future. We wish you to find the new customers! Let all your new projects and plans will be translated into reality! Please accept my best wishes for your future development in Russia”.

About CNN

CNN – one of the largest international broadcasters. CNN was the first channel to introduce 24-hour multi-channel broadband news service. The Russian CNN office is located in Moscow.