Credit Express, Our customer since 2006

Credit Express

Our customer since 2006

“Outsourcing our Payroll Administration to UCMS Group Russia allows us to concentrate our efforts on our primary business functions, knowing that payroll processing will be taken care of accurately and on time every month.

Outsourcing provides us with many other benefits such as better confidentiality and security of our personnel information, but more important so, we are no longer reliant on a few individuals to process payroll tasks. Although all our payroll processing is performed now by UCMS Group Russia, we still have a secure online access to our personnel data which allows us to perform our own HR tasks. We found that this hosted ‘software on demand’ service in combination with Payroll Outsourcing was a truly unique offer on the market. The business relationship with UCMS Group Russia is based on a solid partnership and we highly recommend UCMS Group Russia as an HR and Payroll services provider”.


CREDITEXPRESS Russia is a member of a group providing debt management and debt purchasing services throughout the region. It has over 13 years of expertise in outsourcing services with primary business focus on debt collection and employs 500 staff. The company was established in Moscow in 2004.