Ehrmann, Our customer since 2002


Our customer since 2002

“Until 2002, Ehrmann calculated payroll in-house, but two important considerations led us to partner with UCMS Group Russia as an outsourcing provider. First, we deemed the confidentiality of data to be crucial to our plans to upgrade payroll routines, and UCMS Group Russia delivered a solution where just a single person in the company had an access to payroll data.

The second driver was cost reduction. Ehrmann was able to reduce a number of positions within its accounting and IT departments and stop paying license fees for in-house payroll software. In addition to the direct savings in salaries and equipment, UCMS Group Russia took over the responsibility for the quality and on-time delivery of payroll calculations and required filings.

Back in 2002, payroll outsourcing was still a new service on the Russian market and we felt limited in our ability to benchmark and evaluate potential providers. At the end, we trusted our intuition and we have never regreted it”.

About Ehrmann

Ehrmann is a subsidiary of the German corporation Ehrmann AG, the largest diary products manufacturer in Europe. Ehrmann products were introduced to Russia in 1995. In March 2002, Ehrmann opened a factory in Ramenskoye, near Moscow.