Hochland Russland, Our customer since 2003

Hochland Russland

Our customer since 2003

UCMS Group Russia has been providing payroll outsourcing services to Hochland Russland since 2003, including payroll calculation, advance payments and preparation and submission of quarterly and annual payroll reports for Moscow regional authorities.

“Over the past 11 years, UCMS Group has established itself as a reliable and qualified expert in the field of payroll outsourcing”, — says HR-manager Hochland Russland. — “Our partner has the advanced software solutions, as well as a unique methodological practice in the management of accounting processes. So when we have a question “Why did Hochland choose UCMS Group as a provider of payroll services? “, we always have the reply “Because UCMS Group provides high quality services, works quickly, responds to requests in time”.

About Hochland Russland

Hochland Russland is the first West European cheese manufacturer to establish a factory in Russia. Hochland started to do business in Russia in September 2000 with processed cheese in small boxes, expanding in 2001 to manufacture processed cheese slices at its new facility in the Moscow region. Hochland operates 11 factories in 7 European countries.