Multinational companies representing various industries use outsourcing services from UCMS Group company.

Hochland Russland, Our customer since 2003

Hochland Russland

Our customer since 2003

UCMS Group Russia has been providing payroll outsourcing services to Hochland Russland since 2003, including payroll calculation, advance payments and preparation and submission of quarterly and annual payroll reports for Moscow regional authorities. “Over the past 11 years, UCMS Group

Software AG, Our customer since 2012

Software AG

Our customer since 2012

UCMS Group Russia provides payroll processing to Russian subsidiary of Software AG. “Moving the payroll functions to an outsourcing provider was an absolutely balanced decision”, – said Elena Putilina, Chief Accountant at Software AG Russia. “We needed to reduce the

Eaton, Our customer since 2010


Our customer since 2010

UCMS Group Russia conducted a review and amendment of HR documentation for Eaton Russia. “When we were faced with the task of checking the compliance of HR documentation with current labor legislation, we decided to attract a professional outsourcing partner. We

Sidel, Our customer since 2009


Our customer since 2009

The cooperation with UCMS Group Russia allows Sidel Russia to improve and increase the efficiency of Payroll / HR functions. “We needed a provider of HR and Payroll functions with reliable and friendly service,” – says Vladimir Galstyan, Financial Controller, Sidel Russia. – “So when we made a choice for UCMS

RusVinil, Our customer since 2010


Our customer since 2010

UCMS Group Russia announced today a successful implementation of Payroll Outsourcing, HR and Performance Appraisal Software Solutions for RusVinil. “The decision to move our payroll function to UCMS Group Russia was absolutely right for our business,” – says Dmitry Shein, Head

Interсomet Russia, Our customer since 2012

Interсomet Russia

Our customer since 2012

Interсomet Russia moved to accounting outsourcing on October 16, 2012. Mikhail Lebedev, CEO, Interсomet Russia explained why he chose UCMS Group over other accounting service providers. “UCMS Group has a reputation of a reliable business partner”, — says Mikhail Lebedev. — “Over a year ago,

Bryanston, Our customer since 2012


Our customer since 2012

Starting this year, UCMS Group Russia is the provider of accounting services for Bryanston CIS. Pavel Sedov, CEO Bryanston CIS talks about the reasons behind choosing UCMS Group. “We think that UCMS Group Russia is one of the most professional

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