Perfetti van Melle, Our customer since 2008

Perfetti van Melle

Our customer since 2008

“We selected UCMS Group Russia in a competitive tender process. UCMS Group Russia provides best technologies, expertise and know-how in the field of HR administration”, said Valeria Volkova, HR Director of the Russian division of Perfetti Van Melle. “We decided to use HR software solutions from UCMS Group Russia due to a complete HR functionality and the best financial return on our investment”.

Perfetti van Melle started to work with UCMS Group Russia in early 2008. According to the customer, the idea of transfering payroll accounting to an outsourcing provider was born in November 2007. UCMS Group Russia was seen to be the most suitable provider of outsourcing services.

UCMS Group Russia performs payroll accounting for all three legal entities of Perfetti van Melle, including LLC «Chupa-Chups Rus». The ability of UCMS Group Russia to perform specific calculations, such as: special scheme of benefits calculation, compensation on a shift basis, overtime payment according to corporate compensation and benefit policy, preparation of bookkeeping entries for export to the corporate financial system, was also found to be very important to the customer.

“The integrated outsourcing solution allowed us to simply forget about many business problems”, said Valeria Volkova. “For example, UCMS Group Russia took charge for the security and reliability of the HR system located in their own data centre. Now, we do not worry about updates of the system required by changes in the Russian accounting or tax legislation. Our partner makes modifications to the system on the fly. Also, the risk of not providing payroll on time has decreased due to using an outsourcing solution”.

About Perfetti Van Melle

Perfetti Van Melle is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery and chewing-gum. The company has tens of popular trademarks on five continents, including Fruittella, Meller, Alpenliebe, Mentos and Chupa Chups. In, Russia Perfetti Van Melle has been present since 1993. The company is the leader in production of the packaged caramel in Russia. Perfetti Van Melle has more than 2,000 employees in Russia.