My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company

My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company

Клиент UCMS Group Russia с 2018 года

Smart Digit
UCMS Group client since 2018

Ekaterina Krasilnikova
Chief Accountant


  • Payroll (50 employees)
  • HR administration (50 employees)
  • Accounting (over 400 transactions per month)
  • Parallel accounting in accordance with GAAP standards in two currencies (customization of 1C)
  • GAAP monthly reporting
  • Annual preparation of financial statements and consolidation for two legal entities in accordance with IFRS standards

About the company and myself:

I am the chief accountant and controller of the Smart Digit company – this is a joint project of two large companies. We develop software, which has no analogues in our country yet. We all know the cloud as a public-use product that is used by many people and organizations. This project is aimed at a private cloud that will allow the customer to host and store data on their servers. In terms of detail, we are creating a number of digital applications as part of this project. From gas stations to drilling equipment, these applications will transform and optimize operations. People who are now in the fields and take readings from the equipment with their own hands will not have to do this anymore, they will see all the data from the office on a tablet, which will reflect the data that determines the state of this equipment. The company was founded in 2018, and we have been working for over two years.

The company is new and you immediately decided that you would start with outsourcing. Why not an in-house option?

We were guided by the experience of shareholders.

We did not exclude the possibility of recruiting people in accounting and finance, but after two years of work, it became clear that this is not required, that your company fully covers the tasks, and we are quite successfully coping with the tasks of shareholders, auditors and internal management.

Therefore, optimization is very important. It is important to say that thanks to you, many improvements have been made in the 1C program, and a large number of reports are made automatically.

In the tender itself, you took part in the selection of the provider?

No, I came to the company at a time when the supplier had already been selected, and my tasks were to agree and sign an agreement with UCMS Group. We have gone a joint path with you, and I can note that over these two years there has never been a need to change something in the contract, because the quality, flexibility and desire to continue working, the interest, enthusiasm of your colleagues, allows us to go with the original version of the agreement, which absolutely does not require any modifications. There are only additional agreements that are signed to extend services, change services, but nothing more.

What is your ideal service provider? To what extent does your understanding of how we work coincide with how an ideal provider should work? And is there something we need to pay attention to?

In my understanding, the provider must do everything as written in the contract, that is, fully maintain accounting and HR records, payroll.

Therefore, my understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

If we take the most basic word that the parties use when conducting contractual services – responsibility, it is visible. And I don’t need to dive into it, I don’t need to control the company that took responsibility. This is the main thing that should be, and it is.

Now about the workflow. We do accounting, calculate salaries and keep HR records. In addition to accounting, we have many interesting projects, for example, parallel accounting in accordance with GAAP standards in two currencies, consolidation in accordance with IFRS. From our side, these are two departments with different project managers. How convenient is it?

The process is now the same as at the beginning of the project. The project was launched by Ekaterina Menshikova, she is with us from the very beginning and assists when needed. Leads, probably, a more correct word. She is immersed in the whole process, even if we do not communicate with her on tasks for some time. I can call her at any time with questions.

Payroll and HR are under the leadership of Elena Skvortsova and accounting under the leadership of Vera Steshova. Elena has HR and a payroll specialists in her team. Procedures were written, and we live by them. There is not much to add here, because the processes are clearly lined up. We fill out the reporting that comes to us from the shareholders, but we plan to give it to your colleagues, only at first we want to automate it all for convenience. As for accounting, Vera Steshova’s team has Lyubov Lyapina, she is the basis of our accounting. I usually contact Lyuba directly. Communication is shorter and more informal, it is more efficient in terms of processes, tasks, and in general, in the atmosphere. Lyuba has assistants – Elena and Anastasia. They have also been working with us for quite a long time, they are absolutely excellent specialists, they also understand tasks very clearly and react quickly. I am very grateful to Ekaterina (Menshikova) for choosing these people, she supports them from her side. Of course, it is convenient for me, and I understand that they know their tasks, do their job and see that they are pleased with the result of the tasks performed as much as I do. If the closing is over, reporting is over, they exhaled, we had a phone call, and the benevolence of this atmosphere attracts me very much.

How is the process of preparing management reporting structured?

You said that you know about our complex base, accounting policies, parallel accounting. This is entirely the merit of Ekaterina Menshikova, she assembled it from scratch, she leads it, and says that these processes are becoming better and better. I’m not even talking about lightning-fast response to any request. Because if suddenly I am absent on vacation or something happens, then all my management knows this word – “Menshikova”. Menshikova is a person who is known in our company.


Describe us in one word

It’s probably corny to say, but “quality”. But I don’t want to be banal. Atmospheric. These words will tell you a lot about people. There are no standards in our world, everything is very relative. The word “quality” is also relative. And the atmosphere is what gives you confidence in your actions. Like this.

We have been with you for over two years now. Why are we together?

I can answer that we have a complete understanding.

Indeed, it is difficult for me to imagine another organization that will work with us. I appreciate the people who work with me, and I am as comfortable as possible ; my only wish is to keep my colleagues on our project as long as possible.

We all understand that time is changing, people are changing jobs, and it will be a pity to lose them. Now we have selected the most ideal team, and I only ask one thing – to fix it as long as possible.

What plans does the company have? What are you living on now?

We have ambitious plans. We are now submitting a three-year business plan for approval, in addition to a three-year private cloud project. There are two equally large-scale projects that will come to us in 2021. In addition to the main customer, we have tasks with the second shareholder, and in the near future we plan to increase the volume of our development and reach a new level. We help in this and hope that you will also stay with us, and together we will bring many projects to automatism. We plan to master new tasks and immerse ourselves in new work.

Ekaterina, help us become better. What should we pay attention to in our service to be more pleasant to our customers?

Shorten the chain of people you build into customer relationships. That is, we need a project manager to a lesser extent, the operational team is more important to us. I can spend more time with them in this case. And ordinary employees are more motivated by this. They want to receive gratitude from the source – the customer for what they are doing, and send the result of this work directly. We just also work for the customer and getting a compliment from him is valuable.

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My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

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