Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

Клиент UCMS Group Russia с 2018 года

Elena Titova
Chief Accountant


  • Payroll (80 employees)

About company:

The company is engaged in the wholesale of musical instruments and audio equipment of Yamaha Japan brand in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The Yamaha Corporation was founded in Japan in 1887 and began its activities with the production of reed organs (harmoniums). Then it was called Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. Since then, Yamaha has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of all kinds of musical instruments and has become a leading manufacturer of audio / video products, semiconductors and other products related to computers, sporting goods, household appliances, special alloys, instruments and industrial robots.

Today Yamaha has 75 representative offices and 6 subsidiaries around the world in addition to a significant number of companies in Japan.

In addition to this, Yamaha owns and operates unique recreational areas throughout Japan designed to provide entertainment and cultural development for our customers. Yamaha also provides space to practice music, showcase your songs, and provide the infrastructure for enjoyable musical experimentation.

Is it correct that you were not involved in the outsourcing transition project?

Yes, probably, there are no longer any people in the company who were engaged in this. I know that at first the chief accountant calculated the salary, then it was transferred to HR, but in the process of calculating a lot of questions and nuances arose, so it was decided to outsource this task, which would help to do it professionally and avoid mistakes.

Were there any difficulties at the start of the project?

No, there really were not.

Outsourcing for the chief accountant is very convenient.

We have business trips, complex calculations, daily allowances, many marketing and advertising campaigns, and in the context of constantly changing legislation, it is necessary to monitor all this.

How are you personally involved in the process now?

I am involved in part of the following tasks: receipt of a payroll sheet, control of payment, finding out the reasons for inconsistencies, for example, in transactions. I can always call the responsible person on your side and find out this or that thing – can we update the program or is everything working correctly now. If there are any questions, we ask them.

How quickly does our team resolve issues?

Almost immediately. There are no questions – it is very comfortable to communicate with the team. When we have questions from the tax office, the team prepares the answers.

What is the ideal payroll and HR service provider? What are the requirements for it?

Requirements? Correct calculation, following changes in legislation, submitting documents and reports promptly and on time. That’s all. Professionalism is important. All documents must be drawn up in accordance with the law, employees must receive vacation pay and salary on time. Neatness is important.

Probably, if you do the same thing, you get used to it and it seems that everything is simple, but in this matter you just need accuracy.

What should we pay attention at to become better?

It would be nice to have some kind of common database, a portal, so that the data is not sent via e-mail. So that we can always see when the file was sent.

We have, of course, such a solution – a data exchange portal, and we will organize it for you. It has all the necessary functionality, including e-mail notifications when new files appear.


Describe us in one word

I would call you comfortable. Comfortable company, comfortable to work with. There is no unnecessary pathos, bureaucratic approach and the communication style is so accessible.

What are Yamaha’s goals now?

We would like employees to submit all their vacation and business travel applications electronically, with electronic signatures, so that they do not have to print documents and nothing is lost. Especially now during remote work.

Any advice for companies that are thinking about switching to outsourcing?

In general, it is believed that the quality provided by outsourcers is low, so those who come to outsource sooner or later come back. We were, of course, very lucky. We don’t have such problems. But you can only find out empirically. Neither name nor price is the deciding factor here.

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Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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