Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

Клиент UCMS Group Russia с 2019 года

Sergey Usilin
Chief Operating Officer


  • Payroll (60 employees)
  • HR administration (60 employees)
  • Accounting (up to 150 transactions)

About company:

Smart Engines is a young IT company, which, despite its small age, actually consists of qualified specialists in the field of image and video data recognition with vast experience, which allows us to make high-quality products. Our main product is image recognition of documents, and for several years in terms of recognition of images of documents, such as a passport, SNILS, we have become a leader not only in Russia, but throughout the world. That is, we have transformed from a small company in Russia into a company with an international name in our segment.

You come to the station, buy tickets, the operator enters your passport data using our services, you buy plane, train, bus tickets through an aggregator site, and it is our software that allows you to quickly enter your passport data. Or you make a money transfer to your relative, friend through the Tinkoff application and our software allows you to quickly recognize a bank card. You register a banking product remotely, and the first thing you start with is entering your passport data again – this is also our software. You check fines, you need to recognize the driver’s license and STS, this is also our software.

The total number of types of documents that we can recognize exceeds one and a half thousand, the scale of coverage is really huge. You don’t even know sometimes that you are using it, but nevertheless, it may be our solution.

How did you choose UCMS Group? And why was it decided to change the provider?

We already had a supplier who provided accounting and legal services. More precisely, he partially advised us on legal issues. Our company started with three employees and gradually expanded to over sixty. Our previous provider was a small company, its capacity was not enough to serve us.

From our side we already wanted to receive a clear, planned provision of accounting and legal services and understood exactly what we did not want.

We did not want to work with an individual person, an accountant, but we wanted to use the services of a large company responsible for the quality of services, providing a full scope, so we chose a new provider among large, well-known players who were ready to provide services with a guarantee.

We considered the services of only a large company, we did not want to make a mistake, and those companies that have three accountants did not suit us at all. But on the other hand, we wanted the accounting and legal service provider to get into our little tasks.

Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books.

And that seems silly to some large providers, and they say: “Why?” But we wanted the entire paper flow related to HR management, accounting, storage of documents to be on the side of our provider.

And when we told all this to your colleagues from sales, and realized that you are solving such problems, and that they are on stream, then we realized that UCMS Group is our choice.

It was important for you that the provider is large and therefore bears responsibility for its service and relieves you of all the above concerns.

Yes, from absolutely all questions related to HR and accounting “torment” with reporting. We have been aware of the importance of the provider’s size for a long time from the very beginning of our company. We understand that we will grow faster and faster, and the service provider accordingly must also provide us with an increase in capacity.

Have your expectations been met?

Everything is fine, we are completely satisfied. I can’t say that there weren’t any moments while we were getting used to each other, but nevertheless all issues were successfully resolved, we had no serious problems, everything was fine, we continue to interact.

How did you communicate with the sales manager?

The sales manager was always in touch. He found out what services we need and, based on a short survey, provided a commercial proposal. We had several meetings with colleagues from sales, with the project manager Elena Skvortsova and a HR specialist. We met personally, discussed everything, we explained our expectations, your employees asked about the specifics of the business, and we gradually came to the conclusion of an agreement. The decision was made jointly with the CEO, I voted for you 🙂

How was the process of the change itself? How is it organized now? How are you personally involved?

In fact, we started in a month. This is quite normal – while the databases were moved, a register of transferred documents was compiled. The process is distributed. Different specialists from our side contact your colleagues on various issues. I control this part. Basically, from my side, interaction occurs periodically on issues related to employees (hiring and firing), on reporting.

You have two project managers: for payroll and HR – Elena Skvortsova, for accounting you work with Vera Steshova. They also have their own employees who are directly involved in the tasks of the project. Is it comfortable?

All is well! I mean we interact stably. I have all contacts, all mobile phones, WhatsApp. It is always easy to call and resolve your issue directly, so as not to drag out a long correspondence, so if I have any questions, I always call and your colleagues answer without problems.

Does your company have any specific features? You are a resident of Skolkovo.

Yes, there are some additional reports. Elena, just when we were choosing a provider, told us that you have experience in working with Skolkovo. You additionally control our activities, at least to ensure that we do not accidentally lose the residence in Skolkovo stupidly, so that there are no unnecessary operations performed that go beyond the Skolkovo activities. I can also say that we are actively interacting with international counterparties, we have several banks, several opened bank accounts. We participate in government contracts, so that activity is quite extensive.


Describe us in one word?

Simple and straightforward, it’s clear how to interact with you.

Tell us, what are Smart Engins’ goals now?

The goals of our company are very simple: we want to become a unicorn in documents recognition, we want to oust everyone else, to prove that no one except us is capable of performing this task. We are gradually moving towards this, working hard, developing.

Can you advise companies that are now at a crossroads – should they switch to outsourcing or not?

In outsourcing, we initially see a plus in the factor of stability, the quality of the services provided does not depend on the human factor.

You really understand who is responsible, you understand the schedule for the provision of the service, and no matter what happened, the services will be provided on time for the agreed price.

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Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

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