There are different projects, but it is very important for the “magic” to happen, even remote

There are different projects, but it is very important for the “magic” to happen, even remote

Клиент UCMS Group Russia с 2004 года

UCMS Group client since 2004

Irina Belovashina
HR manager


  • Payroll (600 employees)

About company:

Ehrmann is a German company celebrating its centenary this year. A company with a rich family tradition, it is now headed by Christian Ehrmann, the third generation of the Ehrmann family, the grandson of the founder of our company. In 2018, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Ehrmann LLC in Russia. Here we have one factory and about 600 employees. The last few years have been very successful for our company, we made a breakthrough and took a worthy place in the list of the main players in the dairy market. Our most famous and beloved brand is EPICA, which invariably delights consumers with new original flavors. Recently, a line of children’s fermented milk products for children from three years old “Mama Lama” has appeared. It is impossible to ignore our Grand Dessert milk dessert. People love our products, look for them on the shelf, buy and eat with pleasure. We have big plans for the future – we are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. We strive to make each partner our client as well. We ourselves love our products and always treat everyone with our new products.

How did your cooperation with us begin? Was it difficult?

I joined the company in 2003, but was not immediately involved in the payroll processes and interaction with your company. Probably in 2006 I started to deal with salaries. And for a long time this was one of my main functions.

When I joined the project, all the processes were already built. I was not involved in the outsourcing of the payroll function, so I cannot say what the transition period was.

At the same time, I can confirm that since then (and this is probably a rare case for such a long relationship) the quality of the services provided has not deteriorated.

Of course, there have been all sorts of things for so many years, but we have never had a desire to radically change something or find another provider. I think this is an indicator of quality on your part.

How is the workflow structured? How personally involved are you in working with us?

Now I act more as a manager who controls the process, I solve complex cases, if they suddenly arise, I am responsible for launching some new elements, making decisions on the process. I participate in a random check of the calculations, I am responsible in general for what happens to payments.

How is your relationship with the team? As far as I remember, your project manager has never changed?

The relationship is going great! Our project manager Natalia Kupavtseva has never changed. It will be a whole tragedy for us if Natalia suddenly leaves our project :). She and I once started on equal terms – she counted our project, and I provided her with data for the calculation. Now our roles have changed, but the feeling of partnership and the confidence that we can find a solution to any situation, no matter how difficult it may be, remains. I have been asked more than once or twice to give recommendations to your potential clients, and I always say the same thing.

There are different projects, but it is very important for the “magic” to happen, even remotely.

Of great importance is the flexibility of processes, how much the person on your side suits a particular client, whether he will be ready to do a little more for the client than is required. Not in terms of additional hours, but, for example, simply provide more information, advise in more detail, make an unnecessary action that is not directly provided for by the contract. When you feel that a person is not just formally calculating the salary of your company, but is involved in its work, then this is the key to successful outsourcing.

Tell us if you had any internal projects, tasks in which we participated?

Our legislation is changing rapidly, changes may not always be unambiguously interpreted and understandable, for example, there may often be no instructions for the implementation of new legislative norms. Then we come to you and your methodologists for recommendations in order to understand what needs to be done and what you can do for us. With your support, we feel much more confident. With the onset of the pandemic, this has become especially relevant.

It is very important when in such difficult moments you find in the outsourcer not just a service provider, but a real partner with whom you overcome difficulties and gain new experience.

How quickly are issues resolved by our team?

The speed of your reaction is beyond praise. This is not an exaggeration, really. You just need to understand that in any company situations sometimes arise when something is needed yesterday. And we appreciate you very much for your help in such situations.

How can we become better for you? What should we pay attention to?

I am always glad that you are very quick in solving those few problems that sometimes arise. And thank you for being ready to change in the part where you are not perfect.


Describe us in one word


Is there any advice you can give to companies that are now thinking about switching to outsourcing? Do they need it? What to take into account when choosing a provider?

Giving advice is a thankless job, plus I have less experience, because since the moment we chose your company, we have never held tenders or compared you with anyone. It seems to me that the main thing is to determine the core functions for which it is necessary to make a decision whether to give them away or leave them inside the company. I think that outsourcing is a very effective solution, you can really do what makes a profit for the company.

Why have we been together for so long? What is our secret?

This is probably a shared secret. Ehrmann is a family-owned company, so we very much welcome long-term relationships like a family. And why artificially change something if everything is in order? Therefore, as long as we are satisfied with our relationship, we will be with you.

Tell us what goals, plans, projects does Ehrmann have now. What are you working on?

Due to the will and professionalism of the team, we have reached a completely new level in terms of the company’s position in the market, product quality, internal culture and are proud of our achievements. We have become an object of imitation for our competitors, they copy our tastes, designs, packaging formats, and, probably, this is also a kind of sign of success. Given the current realities, it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop. Definitely, our plans are to continue to surprise the market and create unique products that no one else has made. I am sure that in the hearts of our consumers we will always be number one, because there are no people like us anymore.

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