We have warm relations with UCMS Group. What comes to mind is a very great customer focus

We have warm relations with UCMS Group. What comes to mind is a very great customer focus

Клиент UCMS Group Russia с 2006 года

Evgeniya Kalistratova
SP Operational Manager


Payroll (1,100 employees)

Interesting tasks

  • Change of citizenship of employees during the tax period
  • Complex transaction with advanced analytics
  • Individual calculation of the vacation reserve
  • Preparation on an annual basis of mini-certificates for employees on the amount of income, compensation and benefits

Nuances of the project

  • “Harmful” production (all three categories)
  • Northern allowances, traveling nature of work
  • Foreign employees (different countries, HQS, EEU)
  • A large number of various bonuses, allowances and compensations, payments of a social nature
  • Seasonal workers

About company:

Michelin is known primarily as a tire company. However, this is only one of the Michelin’s activities. By contributing to the development of mobility in all spheres of life, Michelin is actively developing innovative products and services in the field of personalized service solutions and digital technologies. We have a wide presence in the world, including Russia and the CIS countries, where Michelin is represented by a production site and commercial divisions.

Tell us about your experience with UCMS Group.

I worked with UCMS Group from March 1, 2017 to the end of February 2019 – two years. Up to this point, I have had no experience with outsourcing. But everything was completely normal, most of all at that time we had contact with one person from UCMS – Natalia Makarova, a payroll specialist. We had good interpersonal contact. Natalia showed herself as a professional, so there were no problems with interaction at all from the very beginning.

You had a scheme in which payroll was on the side of the provider, and the HR remained on yours. Do you see consider such option as a problem? Or is this interaction normal, and it doesn’t matter whether everything is outsourced or just certain segments?

On the one hand, it is easier when HR administration remains in the company, because when you are in a situation, you can react to it faster. With outsourcing, where everything is spelled out clearly, by minutes – who does what and when, when unforeseen circumstances arise – difficulties start. For large manufacturing companies, keeping HR administration in-house is quite effective, but when the company is small, I think it makes no sense to keep a separate HR administration and payroll specialist.

Would you advise other companies to switch to outsourcing?

I would advise them to analyze this approach fairly carefully. I would assess all the pros and cons, because there are a lot of pitfalls. The transition to outsourcing is rarely straightforward. In any case, you need to rebuild, rewrite the procedure, spend a lot of time and efforts. However, we did it. The process was quick and easy!

Was there something that you especially remember? Maybe our team somehow helped you or vice versa?

We have warm relations with UCMS Group. We still apply for services and store archived data in UCMS. Our relationship has not ended. What comes to mind is the very great customer focus. We even worked at night! And I was always surprised by this approach and such responsibility in relation to the work.

What could be improved in our service?

In fact, we expected more flexibility from the supplier, more digitalization at the time. When we ran the tender, UCMS lacked that. We needed a digital solution for our employees, but at that time UCMS Group could not provide this – this was the reason for choosing another supplier. Plus there was a problem of flexibility in resources during peak periods.

Yes, fortunately, we solved all the problems, including launching a new solution EmployeeGate. Over the past two years, we have done a lot in terms of digitalization of processes.


Describe us in one word


Tell us, what are your plans now?

We are looking towards digitalization. In the near future, the development of electronic document flow which is a flexible tool for employees. We want to convert all paper document flow into electronic.

What is your ideal provider? Who is it and what do you expect from it?

It should be an expert in its field, client-oriented, flexible in terms of changes: both in terms of legislation and in terms of client situations. The provider must use advanced technologies – this is important! This comes to the fore in any area.

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