According to the results of 2019, UCMS Group is among the three leaders in the payroll ranking

08 July 2020

According to the results of 2019, UCMS Group is one of the three leaders in the payroll ranking. For many years, UCMS Group has been among the top 10 largest Russian outsourcing companies in the RAEX agency ranking.

We continue to grow steadily, and have improved our positions in 2019.

  • Payroll – 3rd place
  • HR management – 6th place
  • Accounting and taxation – 14th place

The growth of positions, compared to the results of 2018, became possible after the introduction of new solutions aimed at robotic processes, and, of course, the well-coordinated work of our team of professionals. Thanks to our specialists for their support and dedication. Without them, we would not have been able to achieve such results.

Interview by Svetlana Kiselchuk, CEO of UCMS Group

– In your opinion, what were the most significant factors in 2019 that determined the demand for outsourcing services for business functions? In particular, in the areas of “payroll”, “HR management”?

– Firstly, the demand for robotization is growing and, in general, for the maximum use of information technologies. Secondly, the slowdown in economic growth and a large number of players in the outsourcing market, in connection with which many clients began to hold tenders more often in order to “knock out” more interesting conditions.

– Which of these factors continue to work today? Has the demand for these areas of services remained under quarantine conditions and what are the short-term prospects for these areas?

– All these factors are still active. The market is very active. Plus, global changes among outsourcers are encouraging clients to look for alternatives. The short-term prospects for the direction of outsourcing of business processes are good, we are seeing a clear increase in the interest of both multinational corporations and medium-sized businesses in outsourcing processes. As for the quarantine, the demand not only remained, but also increased, as companies were forced to face a huge number of problems when switching to remote work and the continuity of the process came to the fore, and this is one of the tasks that outsourcing solves – quality continuous service.

– Is the performance of any work postponed to a later date? What changes caused by the quarantine could you note in working with foreign customers?

– The closure of the clients’ offices, of course, brought about changes in the work procedures, for instance the processing of original documents was postponed to a later date. We have adjusted to the changes taking place at our customers, and structured our work in such a way as to solve the client’s problems as quickly as possible, even in a lockdown.

– What are the potential prospects for the development of the outsourcing of business processes in the current changing and crisis conditions? Will the increased adoption of digital and information technologies have an impact on the outsourcing industry? Is the transformation of the outsourcing sphere possible under the influence of the crisis through player mergers?

– Prospects under current conditions are absolutely excellent. This is the perfect time for outsourcing. We can offer the client clearly structured processes that work efficiently in any conditions, and quickly adapt to the client in the event of force majeure. So our services are in great demand now. The introduction of digital technologies, in our opinion, is no longer a key advantage, since for all major players it has long been a part of the implemented process and constant improvements. Likewise, customers expect a fairly high level of automation from a partner, therefore, this is a must have for everyone. Mergers and global changes happen every year, the market is used to it; but these changes are not always advantageous.

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