The company QuadroCom is satisfied with the partnership with UCMS Group Russia

09 August 2019

UCMS Group Russia has been a provider of outsourcing payroll services for QuadroCom since 2018.

“In July 2018, the management of the QuadroCom company made a decision to transfer the payroll processes to outsourcing. We chose UCMS Group Russia as a provider because we took into account the impeccable reputation and experience of this company.

By switching to outsourcing, we have reduced dependence on key personnel, improved processes, and acquired a reliable provider of payroll services, – comments Alexey Belekhov, director of business processes at QuadroCom.

UCMS Group Russia provides quality payroll services, ensuring stability, continuous service and transparency.

We are very grateful for the partnership that has been established between our companies, and for the fact that the employees of UCMS Group Russia always meet our wishes.

We can recommend UCMS Group Russia as a competent and reliable payroll provider ”.




Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services


All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

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One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner


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