Bosch (group of companies)

Немецкая транснациональная инженерная и технологическая компания


A German group of companies, a leading global provider of technologies and services in the fields of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, construction and packaging technology.

  • From 2013 to the present
  • Russia
  • Payroll, HR administration
  • HR implants
  • 1C ZUP 8.3
  • 800 employees
  • 3 legal entities
  • Hosting and support of 1C products
  • implementation of 1C ZUP 8.3, customization;
  • implementation of the client’s unique processes in the accounting system;
  • configured check in 1C “Four Eyes”;
  • internal audits for the policies of the group;
  • a large number of inter-settlements;
  • HR audit with subsequent restoration for 5 years;
  • setting up quarterly reconciliations between 1C ZUP and SAP;
  • organization of a hotline for the client’s employees, responses to inquiries from 30 minutes to 48 hours, control by the KPI system;
  • building the workflow process for data exchange between UCMS specialists, the internal HR service and the client’s financial department (efficient workflow, increasing the efficiency of interaction between departments);
  • analysis and restructuring of the payroll and HR processes.
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Наши кейсы

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Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services

All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

How does Russian IKEA use payroll outsourcing?

L’Oréal recommends HR outsourcing

My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner

Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

Our position is that the better the outsourcer works, the less often we remember about him

Outsourcing is not our job, not our business and we cannot do your job better than you

Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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