Accounting services

Perfect accounting is exactly the process in the work of any company, which is the key to its efficiency and continuity. Transfer of functions for preparation and submission of reports to a third-party organization provides a number of advantages, including:

  • minimization of financial risks;
  • reduced dependence on staff;
  • the ability to focus on core business processes.

UCMS Group Russia has been providing outsourcing services for over 20 years and is one of the largest Russian providers. Accounting outsourcing is one of the main types of services.

Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing
We will find for you the best solution for the package and the format of the service.
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Chief accountant function

Chief accountant function
We take control of your finance department.
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Outsoursing of accounting segments

Outsoursing of accounting segments
We will adapt the package of services to your current needs.
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Expense reports

Expense reports
We will help with one of the most routine areas in the finance department and build an optimal process.
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Preparation of reports according to international standards

Preparation of reports according to international standards
We will take over the interaction with the parent company.
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Comprehensive accounting services from UCMS Group

In modern conditions, accounting outsourcing is relevant not only for small and medium-sized businesses, but also for large international companies. UCMS Group offers services for client businesses of all sizes, all organizational forms and industries. We are ready to interact with clients:

  • undertake full accounting – from the processing of primary accounting documentation to communication with auditing authorities;
  • control its individual sections;
  • provide one-time assistance (advisory or practical).

Many years of practical experience and professionalism of our specialists are a reliable guarantee that all tasks will be completed without errors, on time and taking into account all relevant legal requirements.

What is included in the service

We work with foreign and Russian companies from various industries, finding for each client the optimal solution for the range of services and the format of their provision:

Full outsourcingMaintaining individual sectionsChief accountant function
  • collection of primary goods (documentation from suppliers);
  • cash and banking operations (maintenance and accounting);
  • expense reports;
  • accounting of assets, closing of accounting periods;
  • posting all transactions;
  • preparation and submission of mandatory declarations / reports;
  • management and international reporting (GAAP, IFRS).
  • accounts recievables and accounts payables;
  • treasury;
  • currency control;
  • one-time tasks (choosing an organizational form for doing business, setting up accounting “from scratch”, checking and restoring accounting, etc.).
  • all mandatory reporting to government agencies (preparation);
  • control of the correctness of documentation from suppliers;
  • calculation and accrual of reserves and provisions;
  • control over the correctness of reflection of business operations;
  • reflection of data on salary, analysis of accounting data;
  • correct closing of the reporting period;
  • optimization of tax accounting;
  • support of any audits and checks.


The geography of our accounting services is St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl. To find out the price for your company, you can order the calculation of the cost of UCMS Group services on the company’s website.

Reasons to entrust accounting outsourcing to UCMS Group

UCMS Group Russia has one of the best customer retention rates in the industry (96%), thanks to the main advantages of cooperation:

  • exceptional quality of service;
  • continuity of service provision;
  • timely fulfillment of obligations and work;
  • complete information security;
  • reliable guarantees, financial responsibility.

We serve companies with a staff of one to several thousand employees and with any number of branches or separate divisions. Professional liability of UCMS Group is insured for 325 million rubles.


Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services


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