Accounting outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing

Entrust accounting outsourcing to the specialists of UCMS Group – and we will ensure accurate and flawless accounting work without your participation: timely processing of documents, formation and timely delivery of reports, calculation and payment of taxes on time.

Accounting is an obligatory component of the activity of any company. At the same time, modern practice shows that transferring this task to a third-party organization is one of the most successful forms of work organization, involving professional services for maintaining / restoring accounting and tax accounting, preparing and submitting financial statements, working with tax authorities and optimizing various charges, including tax payments.

The form is optimal both for small companies that are not economically profitable to pay a full-time accountant, and for those who prefer to focus on their core business, entrusting the routine processes to professionals.

Full accounting support from UCMS Group

UCMS Group Russia is a pioneer of outsourcing services in Russia. We have been providing services in this area since 1995, having today hundreds of clients among Russian and foreign companies.

Distinctive features of working with our company are the following:

  • flawless performance of all operations, taking into account the requirements of the current legislation;
  • guarantee of prevention of all possible problems with regulatory authorities;
  • willingness to take responsibility for the work performed.

The extensive professional experience of our specialists is a guarantee of timely and correct accounting. The geography of the provision of services on the territory of the Russian Federation is Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Tver.

What we process

Within the framework of accounting outsourcing, our client can choose a standard set of services, or an extended option.

The standard package of services includes:

  • Collection of primary documentation from your suppliers;
  • Maintaining and posting of cash and banking operations;
  • Accounting of assets and liabilities and closing of accounting periods;
  • Processing of expense reports;
  • Posting of all transactions for tax and accounting purposes;
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory reports and tax returns;
  • Preparation of international and management reporting in accordance with IFRS and GAAP.

UCMS Group specialists prepare management reports and, if necessary, form international reports. In addition, we practice a flexible approach that takes into account the needs of a particular client and are always ready to expand the list of works.

The cost of our services varies depending on the number of accounting transactions and ranges from 15-18 thousand rubles per month up to 45-54 thousand rubles, with the number of transactions over 500 the terms of cooperation are negotiated individually.

The cost of full accounting, if there is no foreign economic activity

Number of transactions per monthCost, ₽ *
up to 2015 000
21 – 5025 000
51 – 8035 000
81 – 10040 000
101 – 15045 000
from 500additional calculation needed
* approximate cost without VAT

The cost of full accounting, if there is foreign economic activity

Number of transactions per monthCost, ₽ *
up to 2018 000
21 – 5030 000
51 – 8042 000
81 – 10048 000
101 – 15054 000
from 500additional calculation needed
* approximate cost without VAT

Why accounting support should be entrusted to UCMS Group

Accounting outsourcing is the most important activity of our company. Over the years of working in this format, we have accumulated invaluable experience in accounting at enterprises of various sizes and business orientations, and we know how to build an optimal process, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client company.

It is known that frequently changing legislation complicates the work of ordinary accountants, but our specialists constantly monitor legislative changes – this is one of the advantages of professional accounting support.

You can clarify the conditions and list of services or leave a request for cooperation by contacting us using the contact information indicated on the site or by filling out any of the forms on the site.