Outsoursing of accounting segments

Depending on the needs of a particular organization, we are ready to take into service both the entire accounting department and the maintenance of accounting segments. The transfer of such tasks to outsourcing provides a number of undeniable advantages:

  • significant time savings due to getting rid of routine processes associated with maintaining documentation;
  • elimination of errors and inaccuracies in accounting due to the highest qualifications and practical experience of the outsourcing company;
  • cost reduction due to the refusal to maintain additional resources in the company;
  • optimization of processes in accordance with the latest developments.

Hand over the most complex operations to us – and you will reduce the risk of errors and the likelihood of disputes with customers and partners.

What are we ready to take on

UCMS Group has extensive experience in accounting, our specialists have the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience. We will provide the following services:

Treasury functionsettlements with accountable persons, registration of cash transactions and documents, posting bank statements, issuing cash orders, operations in the bank-client program, documentary support for currency control, as well as cash flow planning and daily reporting.
Account recievablescollection and verification of primary documentation, entry of the results of all operations in the accounting system, payment control, calculation of taxes and preparation of tax returns.
Foreign currency activities controlanalysis of primary and contractual documentation, registration and accounting of contracts, maintenance of registers of payments under contractual obligations, control of submission of documents to the bank’s currency control department, advances clearing, repatriation of proceeds. Cooperation is preceded by an audit of documents on foreign economic activity with a written opinion (a description of the identified current and potential problems and options for their elimination).

With our help, you can also competently solve other tasks – for example, setting up or restoring accounting and tax accounting, preparing and submitting mandatory (including zero) reports, VAT refunds, etc.

Benefits of professional support

Cooperation with UCMS Group is a guarantee of complete information security (ISO 27001: 2013 certificate) and high quality work performance (ISO 9001: 2015 certificate).

Working with us, you get:

  • independence from staff – no sick leave, vacations, unexpected layoffs;
  • error-free maintenance of all areas of the accounting department – we are responsible for the result of work within the framework of the quality control procedure according to the international standard, our liability is insured;
  • assessment and minimization of risks – we will analyze the accounting, identify all problematic points, advise on possible solutions, help in practice to avoid mistakes;
  • reliability of data storage – the use of a third-level data center, the company’s cyber risks are insured;
  • Save on the accounting system

You can discuss the terms of cooperation right now and order the necessary services using the contact information indicated on the website.


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