Outsoursing of accounting segments

This is also possible. Entrust us with the most difficult, routine operations, in which you often lack resources. Reduce the risk of errors and disputes with partners and customers. Focus on marketing, new products and service. And we will take over the work with the documents.

Bookkeeping of accounts payable and accounts recievable

You can entrust us to enter the postings into the accounting system, collect and check primary documentation, control payments, prepare tax returns and calculate taxes.

Treasury function

We will take on the execution of cash orders, registration of documents and cash transactions, preparation of payment orders and documents for the currency control department. We also prepare daily reports, cash flow planning, posting of the bank statements, operations in the bank-client program and settlements with employees for expense reports.

Foreign currency activities control

We undertake the entire currency control function: analysis of contracts and supporting documentation, registration of contracts, control of the deadlines for submitting documents to the bank’s currency control department, maintaining payment registers under the contract, control of prepayments release and repatriation of the income.

At the start of the project, we conduct an audit of current documents on foreign economic activity and give a written opinion describing the risks, possible penalties and solution options.

One-time tasks for an accountant and a lawyer

Contact us to properly arrange a business, organize bookkeeping and reporting, get the advice from an experienced lawyer and check if your bookkeeping is in order.

  • We will help you choose a suitable form of doing business and register a legal entity;
  • We will set up bookkeeping and tax accounting, delivery of mandatory financial statements. So that everything is done correctly and without mistakes;
  • We will check and restore your bookkeeping, if you doubt its quality or if something went wrong;
  • We will provide an experienced lawyer to help if you do not have your own specialist in-house;
  • We will prepare “zero” reporting if you do not conduct any activity;
  • We will help you collect a package of documents for VAT refunds.

What else do you get when working with us

We are ready to provide your services for full or partial bookkeeping. Outsourcing will give you several benefits that are difficult to get when the accounting department is in-house. They are the following:

Independence from employees

You will receive all accounting documents exactly on schedule. We don’t get sick, we don’t quit, we don’t go on vacation, we don’t demand a salary raise, we don’t envy, we don’t tell anyone about other’s salaries. No “surprises”.

Error-free bookkeeping

We have clear quality control procedures in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. We are responsible for the quality of work, our responsibility is insured.

Risk assessment and reduction

We advise you on complicated accounting issues, assess the fiscal risks of your decisions and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Reliable data protection and storage

We store the information we access in a third-level data center (Tier 3). We work in accordance with ISO 27001:2013 safety standards. Our cyber risks are insured.

Quick help and support

You can always consult our experienced accountant who is responsible for your project. Just call her and that’s it. We don’t have a call center, so you don’t have to hang on a wire and wait to get help.

Save on the accounting system

We can take over the hosting, support and administration of the software: we will place your database on our servers and provide round-the-clock access to it.


Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services


All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

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My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

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One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner


Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

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Our position is that the better the outsourcer works, the less often we remember about him

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Outsourcing is not our job, not our business and we cannot do your job better than you


Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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