Consulting on labor, tax and corporate law

Consulting on labor, tax and corporate law

UCMS Group lawyers have extensive practice in the field of labor law. We are ready to provide qualified legal assistance on the company’s labor issues, first of all, in the process of the preparation of the necessary documentation:

  • when hiring new employees;
  • in case of staff reduction;
  • when declaring idle time;
  • in other cases which require appropriate qualifications;
  • in difficult situations (for example, dismissal of conflict employees);
  • as well as legal support in court in cases of the reinstatement of employees at work.

UCMS Group specializes in conducting a full audit of the company’s HR documents, both immediately before the labor inspection and in normal way in order to minimize the risks of the subsequent fines.

We monitor the latest changes in labor legislation on a daily basis and regularly conduct trainings on labor law for both HR managers and top management of companies.

Consulting on taxation issues is a priority area of the UCMS Group. The company’s lawyers specializing in tax legislation are ready to provide comprehensive legal assistance related to the taxation of legal entities (both residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation) at any stage of the business. The most demanded services are the following: checking of the contracts for tax risks, consulting on taxation of foreign economic activity, VAT refund.

Our work is based on twenty-five years of practical experience in tax consulting, as well as on constant monitoring of changes in tax legislation in order to optimize the tax burden at the initial stage of changes in the legal framework.

Another area of work of the UCMS Group lawyers is the resolution of tax disputes of any complexity and at any stage of the proceedings. We help with tax audits, communicating with tax authorities, as well as appealing the results of the audits, issued acts and decisions of the Federal Tax Service in an arbitration court.

We also provide consulting services on corporate law. This service will be especially relevant to those who are planning to launch their own business. We work with commercial and non-commercial companies of all forms in Russia and abroad.

Legal support of corporate activities of companies organized by foreign entities is especially important, since the procedure for familiarization with Russian legislation is especially difficult for them.

We are preparing sets of documents on the election and dismissal of the general director or other executive body, bringing the general director to subsidiary liability. To protect the interests of the business owner, UCMS Group has developed corporate documentation.

We offer other types of legal support: opeining of branches and offices of Russian and foreign companies, registration of separate subdivisions, support in registering in a tax authority or closing the company, due diligence of corporate documents, corporate management.

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