M&A legal support

M&A legal support

Often in modern economic realities, the best solution for the development of a company, “promotion” of a business or increase in profits requires reorganization, including the mechanisms of mergers and acquisitions of companies. UCMS Group Russia offers attractive conditions for supporting M&A transactions: our lawyers perfectly know the nuances of such transactions and will do their best to provide clients with maximum benefits.

The most common reasons for using this mechanism are:

  • desire to provide business with additional market advantages;
  • building up the customer base and expanding sales markets;
  • search for financial and / or strategic partners;
  • sale of the company with subsequent investment in another project.

Specifics of M&A transactions

To conduct such a transaction legally competently, it is necessary to freely navigate in the relevant legislation, know the current laws, and monitor changes and amendments to them non-stop.

Mergers and Acquisitions is a long and laborious process, consisting of several stages, namely:

  • Business analysis in detail – studying the objects of the transaction and the selected operating model, developing a plan for the jointed company, assessing the expected effect, warning about possible risks and negative consequences.
  • Actually, the conclusion of the transaction – the development of letters of intent, drawing up a contract, expert substantiation of the final cost, negotiation processes.
  • Separation of assets – issues of maintaining the market position of the company and its reputation after the separation of assets, maintaining the functioning of the new structure at a given level.
  • Integration – planning the process, establishing communications between the parties, reporting on the achieved synergistic effect, developing the organizational structure of the new organization, tactical and strategic plans for its development.

The procedure can take a long (up to several years) time and will require large financial investments. In order for the M&A transaction to become justified for the company, it is necessary to enlist the support of professionals: at each stage, the specialists of the UCMS Group, having the necessary knowledge and successful practical experience, will ensure that the transaction is regulated to achieve maximum benefits.

UCMS Group advantages

In the Russian M&A market, our company confidently occupies a leading position, specialists are able to provide support for mergers and acquisitions in strict accordance with applicable laws.

We offer our clients:

  • an integrated approach, provision of services until the full completion of the reorganization;
  • a network of established contacts with strategic partners in various sectors of the economy in Russia and other countries;
  • minimization of expenses for the implementation of the M&A transaction, reduction of costs, obtaining the maximum possible benefit.

With UCMS Group, you will find access to financial and strategic investors in Russia and abroad.

5 преимуществ UCMS Group

Знаем обо всех изменениях законодательства
Мы в курсе последних изменений в области заработной платы: налоговых выплат, отчислений в Пенсионный фонд и иных обязательных отчислений.
В нашей команде – только опытные профессионалы
У нас работают квалифицированные специалисты с индивидуальным подходом к клиенту
Учитываем все изменения внутри компании клиента
С нами сотрудничают на постоянной основе. И мы оперативно реагируем на любые изменения в компаниях клиентов – анализируем и, при необходимости, вносим корректировки в свою работу. Это не требует дополнительных расходов со стороны клиента – опция входит в стандартный пакет услуг.
Запускаем новый проект за 1-2 месяца
Разрабатываем и согласовываем порядок взаимодействия для каждой компании. Мы можем начать работу на следующий день – отталкиваемся от пожеланий клиента.
Предлагаем как стандартный, так и эксклюзивный пакет услуг
Уточните подробности у нашего консультанта.

Свяжитесь с нами: мы подробно расскажем условия, подготовим специальный пакет услуг и договоримся о следующих шагах 

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