1С Employee self-service portal

1С Employee self-service portal

It is difficult to consider modern HR administration as comfortable without such a solution as an employee self-service portal. It is a secure information system with web access, which includes the necessary IT services and ensures employee awareness and the necessary corporate communications (including the interaction of staff with HR specialists and payroll accountants).

The benefits that the employee’s web portal provides are actually noticed by all participants of the process:

  • for employees it is an opportunity to conveniently interact with the accounting department remotely, promptly request and receive the necessary clarifications, order any certificates, etc .;
  • for payroll specialists, this is a reduction in the workload due to the transfer of a number of functions to employees’ self-service (typical requests, etc.) and an increase in the accuracy of calculations due to the high quality of the received HR information;
  • for the heads of the HR department – the optimal distribution of the workload between HR specialists, the ability to automatically generate tasks for subordinates with notification by mail, minimize errors and inaccuracies in HR process.

UCMS Group offers two options for the self-service portal with slightly different functionality: customers have the opportunity to choose a standard solution or order customization of the portal individually for specific requirements and tasks (for example, the EG portal is absolutely flexible). For all solutions, technical support is provided by our specialists.

Functionality of the 1C employee’s online self-service portal

This solution provides convenient viewing of the employee’s personal data and informing the company’s HR department about incorrect information or changes in personal data. The ability to attach scanned copies of documents has been implemented.

In the portal the employee has access to:

View Filing an application
  • work schedule;
  • pay slips for any previous periods;
  • the remaining amount of the vacation;
  • individual benefits (benefits cafe with the possibility of choosing necessary ones).
  • for a certificate of the required type;
  • for a business trip (with sending for approval to the supervisor);
  • for vacation (with sending for approval to the supervisor, control of the dates crossing, the ability to print a vacation application from the portal).

The user also has the ability to track the status of applications. Available options: draft, prepared, approved/rejected (by the manager or HR), processed (posted).
In addition, through his/her personal portal, an employee can notify about the fact and reasons for his/her absence from the workplace, print statements and orders (optional).

In addition to the employee’s functionality:

SupervisorHR manager
  • receives notifications and requests from subordinate employees;
  • approves or rejects them.
  • receives requests for the issuance of documents (including certificates), for changing personal data/informing about incorrect data with attached documents;
  • generates orders for vacations and business trips according to agreed requests, processes vacations and business trips in the system;
  • Optionally, approval/rejection of vacation/business trip requests is available.

All communication actions are accompanied by notifications (confirmation/rejection of the application – for the employee, receipt of information about the absence of the employee – for the HR manager/supervisor, etc.)

The cost of providing an employee portal for use

The number of employees,
basic functionality (UCMS standard)
Cost, ₽ *
up to 10010 000 ₽
up to 20020 000 ₽
up to 30025 000 ₽
up to 40030 000 ₽
up to 50045 000 ₽
* approximate cost without VAT

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