Military registration

Military registration

Keeping military records of employees is the responsibility of every company, regardless of size and form of ownership. The military registration and enlistment offices love order, each of them is responsible for its own territory and has its own requirements that must be taken into account by employers. Military registration takes especially a lot of forces and resources from geographically distributed companies, companies with separate divisions, with nonresident employees.


Entrust us with this difficult front of work, so as not to overload the HR department with new responsibilities, not to hire a new specialist for this task, not to delve into the requirements of ten different military enlistment offices and calmly pass checks.

We will establish a military order in the organization – we will set everything up so that the documentation is kept flawlessly. Let’s figure out what are the rules of the military registration and enlistment offices to which your employees are assigned. We will methodically fulfill their requirements and pass the checks for you.

What are the difficulties with military accounting

Requires constant attention and knowledge. This type of accounting is a set of activities and additional responsibilities that will have to load your HR officer. It will be a difficult and responsible job: to study the procedure for military registration and establish it independently, without mistakes.

We perfectly know the method of work, the rules and subtleties of the procedure. We understand how to establish joint work with your employees so that it is convenient for you to control everything and have access to the necessary data.

Military records are being checked more often and more seriously. The military enlistment offices now closely communicate with the district administrations and know exactly which companies are opening and operating on their territory.

Before the autumn and spring conscriptions, in search of draft evaders, recruiting officers come with checks to employers. They look at the effect of deferrals, whether the documents are being maintained correctly, write out orders to eliminate violations and sometimes fine. The fines are small, but until the military commissar is satisfied, checks will continue.

You’ll have to work with all military enlistment offices where employees are registered. People usually register at the military enlistment office at the place of registration. If you have ten nonresident workers, you need to communicate with ten different military enlistment offices. Or persuade employees to register with the local military registration and enlistment office.

If you do not do this and work with violations, employees will be fined, and an unscheduled inspection may be organized at the enterprise.

How can we help you and how we will work

We will take over the entire routine, and you will only have to appoint a responsible person who will sign the documents (the law forbids us to do this for you, even with a power of attorney).

The person in charge from your company will not have to communicate with the military registration and enlistment offices yet in our practice it has never been required for his presence at checks.

Military registration

We will work the way it is convenient for you – remotely or in your office. We will need data or access to your bases with the information necessary for military registration. If, for any reason, there is not enough data, we will immediately see and correct it: we will ask you to collect the missing documents or request them from the employees ourselves.

We will form a special card index with information about those registered with the military. It differs from a typical HR card index, it is done in accordance with the requirements of military enlistment offices.

We will prepare the required package of documents. Immediately after registration, we will make a reconciliation with the military registration and enlistment office: we will verify the data on those liable for military service in reserve. We will clarify the requirements of military registration and enlistment offices and achieve mutual understanding in order to peacefully interact and easily pass checks.

Maintaining military records

What’s next? We keep records of those liable for military service correctly and methodically:

  • We promptly request and update employee data. We monitor the actions of deferrals from the army, while fathers with many children are raising children, and young specialists are studying in graduate school. Every six months we ask them for a certificate from the university.
  • We notify the military registration and enlistment office about the dismissal and hiring of workers, changes in personal data, marital status, higher education.
  • We make reconciliation with the recruiting office according to the schedule. Once a quarter, we check the data of the T-2 cards with the data of the military ID, information about education, etc. We send the data for verification in the form established by a specific military enlistment office.
  • We accompany the checks. Medium-sized companies are audited every five years, large companies every three years.

It is convenient to combine outsourcing of military accounting with outsourcing of HR management. Every third of our clients does this, it helps to relieve the HR department, streamline HR document flow, and reduce the risk of errors and fines.

How long will it take to outsource military registration?

Concluding a contract, collecting data and setting up work take from one to one and a half months. We are ready to start tomorrow.

The cost of comprehensive military accounting

Number of liable employeesCost, ₽ *
up to 2010 000 ₽
from 21 to 7080 ₽ per employee
over 7060 ₽ per employee
* approximate cost without VAT

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