Shared Service Centers

Shared Service Centers

Are you planning to implement a Shared Service Center (SSC) and does your finance department need additional resources? We have a solution.

According to a recent study, over 80% of multinational companies use outsourcing and/or SSC to manage financial and accounting functions. These business process management models help reduce costs, improve process efficiency and support for business functions.

Do you need help setting up a SSC? Or are you looking for an alternative to a global outsourcing service provider? We are ready to help you!

Advantages of UCMS Group when implementing SSC:

  • The time required to transfer processes will be shorter
  • Capital investment and operating costs at startup will be lower
  • You will be able to avoid pitfalls when working with local legislation, and you will not have any difficulties when setting up a company or representative office in Central and Eastern Europe
  • You can quickly start scaling the SSC, adding new services when needed
  • You get access to best practices and outsourced expertise within one day
  • Working with us in different countries, you will not face the cross-cultural problems that are inherent in global business
  • As a result, in partnership with us you get an excellent chance to achieve your financial and operational goals with the least risk.

4 reasons in favor of UCMS Group:

  • Individual approach. The SSC audit project will be carried out taking into account the client’s business specifics: quickly, strictly on schedule and with minimal impact on the business.
  • Quality of work performed , confirmed by the experience of working with large customers.
  • Our expertise . The knowledge and experience of the whole team is at your service. We constantly take care of the development of the qualifications of our employees.
  • Our unique expertise in process optimization. We will recommend you how to optimize accounting processes and integrate them into your business.

Our understanding of the expectations from the implementation of SSC:

  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Business process unification
  • Reduction of staff
  • Increased transparency of business processes
  • Transformation of accounting functions

Standard project structure:

Phase I. Audit of the methodological base for the successful operations of the SSC

  • 1.1. Analysis of the developed methodological documents
  • 1.2. Preparation of training materials
  • 1.3. Setting performance targets
  • 1.4. Project risk assessment

Phase II. Preparation of a unified accounting policy

  • Stage 1.1. Survey
  • Stage 1.2. Development of methodology and recommendations
  • Stage 1.3. Preparing for the transition and developing documentation
  • Stage 1.4. Recommendations on functions for integration into the existing SSC.

Phase III. SSC launch support

  • Stage 1.1. Support

General approach to building a SSC:

  • The UCMS Group manages the current process, including the preparation of drafts of documents and the exchange of information that may be required to make a decision;
  • We employ external management consultants and work closely with the client’s HR department to make changes in accordance with the plan and save the client’s key employees while optimizing the SSC;
  • If necessary, we provide additional staff working in the client’s office.

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