Medium and large business outsourcing

Medium and large business outsourcing

Speaking about such a service as outsourcing for business, most often it means professional accounting support – shifting accounting functions to third-party specialists, refusing to maintain the own accounting department, hiring and constantly paying qualified employees of this department. And often attention is focused on the fact that the solution is advisable, first of all, for small companies and for a start-up business. Is it so?

Not quite, because outsourcing is:

  • minimization of expenses for the payroll fund;
  • reducing fiscal risks;
  • increasing the level of information leakage protection;
  • reduction of dependence on staff.

All of these moments are familiar to companies of all sizes – and very painful for both small and large businesses.

UCMS Group outsourcing services

According to the Expert RA rating agency, the UCMS Group has been confidently among the top three in payroll and HR administration for 10 years, and, being one of the leading outsourcers in Russia, offers adequate solutions for medium and large businesses aimed at increasing efficiency of financial services and HR departments for its clients.

Three areas of service provision:

Payroll calculationHR administrationMaintenance of accounting areas
  • calculation of advance payment and salary, taking into account all possible compensations (severance pay, vacation pay, sick leave, etc.), taxes and contributions;
  • internal reporting;
  • preparation and submission of state reports;
  • preparation of certificates and statements for employees;
  • self-service employee portals (provision of certificates, payslips, approval of business trips, vacations, etc.);
  • professional advice (legislation, employee hotline).
  • registration of HR orders;
  • drafting employment contracts and additional agreements;
  • keeping labor books;
  • preparation of HR reports at all levels;
  • preparation of information for calculating salary;
  • self-service employee portal (providing information, changes in personal data, agreeing on vacations, business trips, etc.);
  • hotline support for employees.
  • maintenance of tax and accounting records;
  • expense reports;
  • cash and banking operations;
  • work with suppliers (up to the collection of closing documents);
  • statistical reporting, preparation of reports to the Pension Fund and FSS;
  • filling out tax returns;
  • submission of reports and declarations, support of VAT refunds;
  • currency legislation;
  • submission of reports and declarations to the relevant authorities;
  • treasury services.

Hotlines for employees are implemented using telephone or e-mail. Accounting outsourcing implies the possibility of providing services on the client’s territory.

How we take into account industry specifics

The backbone of business outsourcing is industry tax planning. A deep understanding of industry specifics helps us create solutions that are optimal for companies of different sizes. So, if the preparation of accounting and reporting for tenders, external financing or work with government customers is required by almost all businesses, with the exception of service providers for individuals, then other opportunities are differentiated, depending on the industry:

  • integration of 1C industry solutions with an accounting program – for manufacturing companies, representatives of retail trade and wholesale trade distribution;
  • special types of taxes and specialized reporting forms – for construction, agro-industrial and mining businesses;
  • organization of a comfortable working environment for HR, cashiers and store administrators – exclusively for retail outlets.

We can provide each client with a ready-made solution for integration with any operators of electronic document management (EDM).

Why is it profitable and safe to cooperate with UCMS Group?

Two pillars that support the success of our company in the outsourcing market (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Yaroslavl) are information security (ISO 27001:2013 standards are implemented) and strict quality control of the services provided (quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015).

information security controlsquality control measures
  • Tier III data centers;
  • insurance of cyber risks, unique for the domestic market.
  • an internal audit department, regular audits (the frequency depends on the scale of the client);
  • system of multilevel control of work results.

The professional liability of the outsourcing company is insured for $ 325 million. rub.

You can send a request for calculating the cost of UCMS Group services right now.

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