Outsourcing for representative offices of foreign companies

Outsourcing for representative offices of foreign companies

UCMS Group has long been recognized as an international expert in the field of accounting services. Professional knowledge and many years of experience allow us to offer full-fledged outsourcing for foreign companies — accounting of any complexity for business structures of all sizes.

Ensuring competent and timely accounting in accordance with the current Russian legislation is the most important task for business, which is most acute for representative offices and branches of foreign companies in our country and for international companies entering the Russian market.

UCMS Group outsourcing services: specifics and advantages

Our company has been providing services to foreign companies for over 10 years, not limiting itself to the functions of traditional accounting outsourcing, but actually helping clients in adapting their business activities to Russian realities.

Our specialists:

  • they will professionally assess the current state of accounting in the client’s company and accurately identify all tax and financial risks that have escaped attention;
  • will delve into the existing nuances and problems and suggest the best ways out of this or that situation;
  • will advise on how to establish a process of interaction with the outsourcing operator on a wide range of issues, including settlements with employees / contractors / clients.

Cooperation with the UCMS Group is a guarantee of the correctness of accounting, the timely preparation and submission of the reporting required by law, the strictest confidentiality in relation to the data of the client company.

What we are ready to do as part of outsourcing

We differ from other players in the market of these services. our specialists are ready to take on not only accounting support for foreign companies, but also legal support for branches or representative offices both at the stage of their registration in Russia and in the process of functioning in the chosen business direction.

In practice, our help looks like this:

Accounting outsourcing (English speaking specialist)Legal support
  • full accounting and tax accounting;
  • adaptation of corporate standards to the provisions of Russian legislation;
  • setting up accounting of the company, checking reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • explanations for reports according to Russian accounting standards (RAS);
  • management and international reporting according to US GAAP / IFRS (preparation and submission to the relevant authorities);
  • development of accounting policies and chart of accounts taking into account corporate standards and IFRS requirements;
  • preparation / modification / consolidation of financial statements in accordance with corporate requirements or taking into account IFRS;
  • drawing up financial statements in electronic form and submitting them in accordance with the current legislation to tax inspectorates;
  • 1C integration with all popular accounting systems (Baan, SAP, Navision, Oracle, etc.);
  • consulting services: issues of accounting and taxation (verbally, free of charge);
  • specificity of IFRS application;
  • other difficult reporting issues.
  • initial consultation (choosing the form of doing business in the Russian market);
  • assistance in registering subsidiaries;
  • accreditation of branches and representative offices;
  • full legal support (application of labor, corporate and tax law).

UCMS Group specialists will take over accounting of all operations, preparation and submission of reports, as well as communication with tax and government authorities.

Why foreigners are willing to work with us

The activities of foreign companies, their branches and representative offices on the Russian market without the help of an expert in the field of accounting, who perfectly knows the specifics of working with international companies, is practically impossible.

UCMS Group in the domestic outsourcing market is favorably distinguished by the following features:

  • debugged automated document flow;
  • increased attention to tax issues;
  • completeness of the range of services provided;
  • availability of two-level quality control;
  • convenience of service;
  • unlimited consulting services for clients;
  • language support (all management reports are generated in English).

You can send a request right now for calculating the cost of UCMS Group services and make sure yourself that just such an outsourcing operator is necessary for your business.

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