Наша команда

UCMS Group Russia оказывает услуги по расчету заработной платы, ведению кадрового делопроизводства, а также ведению бухгалтерского учета

Svetlana Kiselchuk
General director
«There are two types of people: the first are those who are always going to do something; the latter are those who take and do. And we have the second type of people in our company. And that's why I appreciate the UCMS Group team.»
Tatiana Khomenko
Chief Accountant
«Working for a long time in one conpamy does not mean routine and being bored. The work of an accountant is also full of creativity and drive.
In modern accounting, only with a professional team can you keep up with changes.
And I work in an amazing team.»
Ekaterina Faylenbogen (Menshikova)
Sales Director, CIS, and Head of Accounting Department, UCMS
«Freedom of ideas, decision-making, mutual respect, openness - this is what makes our company so incredibly great. We do not just provide service, we always strive to do more, better, and more efficiently. We are your everyday hero. »
Natalia Alenicheva
Director of Payroll Outsourcing and HR Administration Department
«UCMS Group for me is much more than just a place of work, albeit a very good one. These are people with whom we share a common vision, common belief in success and our future, victories and failures. We try new things, develop our business and develop ourselves with it. What we create every day and of which we are an integral part. Our business is us)»
Natasha Druzhinina
Head of Internal Process Management Service
«At UCMS Group, I make it so that work is comfortable, convenient, beautiful and (sometimes) fun.»
Sergey Kotov
Director of IT
«IT team. Service stability. Solution of non-standard projects.»
Natalia Kupavtseva
Customer Service Manager
«We are like the Darkwing Duck! We will always come to the rescue, make it cool and stay with you forever)
Sergey Pulnikov
Head of Consulting Department
«I remember, while looking for a job, I wondered if there are companies in which people have been working for 10, 15 or more years? If they exist, I would like to work in such a company, I thought. After all, they must be somehow special, there must be something in them that distinguishes these companies from all the others. Perhaps this is an own leadership style, a high degree of trust within the team, a special attitude of employees to their work and duties, based on responsibility and indifference.
15 years have passed since that moment, and now I can say: “Yes, there are such companies!”»
Vera Steshova
Accounting project manager
«UCMS is a team of professionals and like-minded people. And professionalism is, first of all, not only the achievement of high performance in work, but also the features of professional motivation, the system of aspirations and values of a person, the meaning of work for the person himself, and for UCMS employees, the main goal in work is to provide services of the highest quality.»
Natalia Dolgopolova
Project manager
«Customer focus in decision making, focus on effective teamwork, achievement of specific goals and objectives on projects in which I have the opportunity to represent our company, this is what is really important and gives me and each team member a chance for self-development and self-realization.»
Olga Demchenko
Senior Treasury Specialist, QMS Internal Auditor
«Quality work is a well-organized approach to performing functions.
The greatest discomfort and anxiety that an employee experiences, including in the workplace, is caused by uncertainty.
Any certainty is better than any uncertainty! And the only way to deal with uncertainty is open and friendly communication, which we have in the UCMS Group team.
Each employee understands what the company is striving for and what value he personally creates for this process!
Svetlana Petrova
Project manager
«Despite the fact that we are all in different cities and have not even met many in person, we still manage to work as a team. We are always very friendly and democratic, and so is the atmosphere, especially in terms of communication with the management. I want it to stay as it is, and the company to have many new clients. »
Anastasia Solodukhina
Project manager
«In my work, the team is very important, because we provide services in accounting, payroll and HR administration, which means that without a close-knit team of professionals that stands behind absolutely every project we work with, there will be no success. And yes - we have just such a team :)»
Alexander Ivanov
IT manager
«Our environment makes us, in our company it really is»

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