I need order in everything – in documents, in their storage, in the approach to work

I need order in everything – in documents, in their storage, in the approach to work

Olga Demchenko
Senior Treasury Specialist, QMS Internal Auditor

Joined the company in 2019

Ukhta State Technical University, specialty “Finance and Credit”

How did you end up at UCMS Group ?

I’ll start from afar a little. I was just about to move from Komi to Yaroslavl, I was offered a job in the currency control department in the SSC of a large bank. A currency control specialist is a rather narrow specialization. I agreed, and now I can already say that it was an important work experience. But as much as it all sounds beautiful and everything is given to you, as much as everything that is possible is squeezed out of you. You are a cog in a large mechanism, you are not considered as a person, you cannot contribute anything global, because this is a big machine. I realized that I needed something different, and I wanted to change the area a little. I already knew currency control as much as it was possible and decided that I needed to develop. Then I received an offer from UCMS Group.

Have you started at the senior treasury specialist position?

Yes, in January 2019. I built everything from scratch, there was nothing. Katya Menshikova told how it should look and function, and we needed a platform on which we would work. At the end of the summer, I already had two employees.

In general, you need to understand that currency control is an area that cannot be simply learned. It seems to me that I began to understand the processes after two years of work, although before that it seemed to me that I knew everything. But here is an analysis of the process, that is, an understanding of what can happen in foreign exchange control – it comes with time.

Now everything is gorgeous in our treasury – we have four people. I can already immerse myself in clients’ cases, we have clients whose service is only currency control, which is done by us – the treasury.

Tell us exactly what the treasury service does.

We have internal and external projects. For internal projects, we carry out two processes: maintaining the client’s current bank accounts (preparing payment orders and monitoring their timely and quality execution) and all tasks related to currency control.

Do you have any indicators of the quality of your work (KPI)?

We have a ticket system through which the treasury service interacts with the project team. Each task has a priority, a deadline. We receive these tasks, distribute them among employees and carry them out. The project team receives an automatic notification of the acceptance of the task and its completion.

Tell us more about the tasks of currency control.

This is a separate type of tasks, where not only foreign exchange payments are created, but also the submission of supporting documents, the distribution of the money received, the analysis of contracts and their registration, control of the timing of currency legislation.

We are essentially “Foreign exchange control agents”.

And when a new project is launched, do you always conduct an audit on currency control?

Necessarily! We always conduct a preliminary analysis of the specifics of the client’s activities, what types of operations he has, what we need to control. We request bank control statements from the bank, talk to the client.

There were cases when we found errors for previous periods and came to the client with ready-made solutions minimizing the risk of violations.

And you are also now a QMS internal auditor (quality management system)

I like everything to be clear.

I need order in everything – in documents, in their storage, in the approach to work. And this includes the QMS.

Maybe it seems to someone that the QMS is what is needed for show, only for passing the audit, but that’s not true. It really helps to arrange the work as needed. So that all processes are correctly built, so that we understand bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement, so that there is always prompt feedback and nothing is hushed up. And any discrepancy helps us to actually become even better, to provide services of higher quality.


What’s your favorite city?

I am very comfortable in Yaroslavl. In general, I love Moscow very much, I really feel comfortable there. Now I even started to miss Komi, I live with pictures in my head. There is such a beautiful nature, the forest.

For example, I still don’t understand how to go for mushrooms here – these are the searches in the bushes 🙂 You also need to go in some kind of boots so that the snake doesn’t bite you, there are some ticks. Some kind of mockery.

I love nature, and in Komi a forest is a forest with white moss, where you walk in sneakers, where it is dry, there are pine trees, where you see a man a kilometer away 🙂

What are your weaknesses?

I am very trusting, I think this is a weak side, because I have a naivete, which should go away over the years. Responsibility, which is usually a strong point, but for me it is already excessive and really suffocates me. The phrase “if you want to do well, do it yourself” is mine.

What are your strengths, besides responsibility?

Firstly, I am very executive. If I was given a task, I would never delegate it, I would not postpone it, but I would definitely do it well. I am a very simple person, you can always talk and negotiate with me.

I know how to listen, help.

Describe us in one word.

Straight in one word? I can’t. In four. We are always there) not from 9 to 18, but 24/7.

What do you wish the team?

I wish us, as always, only move forward with our heads held high! Stability and positive emotions

A moment of nostalgia

The most vivid impression from childhood.

I was a very obedient child, adequate one. Mom says that I always answered “okay, mommy.” But. There is a story. I was 7-10 years old. Once upon a time, the arrival at our yard was covered with rubble, and for some reason I had a desire to throw a stone at a passing car. I don’t know why I wanted to do nasty things. Maybe because I was a good, obedient girl. I did it! I took a stone, a car drove by and I threw it at it! Do you know how the cars drove at that time? I was waiting for this car! The car stopped and the driver got out – and you can’t imagine how I ran!

When and how did the first money appear?

I planted flowers in the summer school camp. It must have been in high school. And I spent it for sure on some nonsense, just 100%. I also received money for potatoes – we also went to potatoes harvesting. For us it was fun, the first two weeks of September we didn’t study. We were hired by the local state farm and paid for this work. Ridiculous money, but our own.

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Наши кейсы

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Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services

All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

How does Russian IKEA use payroll outsourcing?

L’Oréal recommends HR outsourcing

My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner

Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

Our position is that the better the outsourcer works, the less often we remember about him

Outsourcing is not our job, not our business and we cannot do your job better than you

Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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