If you really want to find not only work, but also friends – this is about us

If you really want to find not only work, but also friends – this is about us

Sergey Pulnikov
Head of Consulting Department

Joined the company in 2006

Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
Specialization “ Applied Mathematics

How did you come to UCMS Group?

We start to amaze 🙂 Firstly, I did not come to UCMS Group. I came to Conteco on January 11, 2006. As I remember now, I came to Conteco at the Rechnoy vokzal metro station. There was a cool office – one big room. Somewhere there sat Andrey Savin (Director for work with clients – until 2009) and Andrey Petrovich Shabanov (General director – until 2104), Anna Nikolaevna, chief accountant (until 2010), Pestovs, Yulin (Scala consultants), and in the center there was a common fund where gingerbreads were brought.

And I started as a sales manager. I was supposed to sell the services of Scala consultants, which was then the main business of the company. It was completely new for me. I can’t say that it was difficult – at that time Scala was on top and our consultants were scheduled for a couple of months in advance. In fact, I was not selling them, but related services – we had Scala + package. A package of reports that consultants have developed, because Scala itself is very poor in reporting. I was the only sales manager then. And then Conteco merged with the UCMS Group, and I started selling Quinyx and payroll outsourcing. Well, along with the way the company developed, I was selling new services and products.

Do you have any sale that you remember?

In general, the feeling of satisfaction from a letter in which a client writes that our company has been chosen after you have worked hard is, of course, a pleasure.

And now too. Once we had a client, and Yura (Yuri Korotov – the driver) drove us to the Kursk region to meet them at the plant. Even before the contract was signed, their financial director came to our office .. So I remember that we were sitting in a conference room with Shabanov and this director said that we were one of the most expensive, but added that I convinced him that they should work with us. It was nice, of course. In general, there were lots of situations when we were more expensive than others. But that is the price for quality. If a client wants to save money and get the service of the worst quality, this is not our case.

How did you end up in consulting?

Probably, each of us is arranged in such a way that from time to time our routine becomes boring to us. And start to want something new. Then Nazar Marynich was the head of the department, and the one who was supposed to take the position of the head of the implementation group changed his mind. Colleagues were trying to find a solution. And I was offered to try. I decided that this would allow me to develop the department and communicate with clients without being distracted. I agreed.

In order not to be ashamed in front of yourself, and then whether it would work out or not, but you are sure that you did everything you could.

How long did it take to get used to the new processes? Did you worry?

I was not afraid. Look. At school I was the commander of Zvezdochka, then a member of the squad council, then the chairman of the squad council, at the institute I was a trade union organizer, so this was probably not in vain, this experience allowed me to build some kind of relationship with people, to convince them in something.

Does experience in sales help or hinder you now?

Well, each of us has some qualities, we want to get rid of some, but there are those that allow us to be where we are. Therefore, the qualities that allowed me to sell in the sales department, in consulting they now allow me to build relationships within the department, resolve controversial issues with clients and colleagues. Therefore, of course, these qualities help me – both in sales, and even at home in the family.

Is there something in the work of the consulting department – with clients, employees – what are you proud of? Did you do any implementation or, perhaps, you evened out the situation on the project with some client?

You know, I probably have never been proud, simply because I am not proud of these things, but I am happy.

I am very happy for the people who have done certain things, and if the client also says some good words – doubly.

For example, to Yaroslav Tchaikovsky, or now, for example, to Lena Terekhina. On one project we had a very uneven situation – because the client wanted a lot of improvements, and we, due to limited resources, could not fully satisfy him. And then we took Lena, she began to work on this project, and after a couple of months the client wrote a letter of gratitude for the completed task and special thanks for Lena, with whom the client was very pleased. Vika Kalinkina deftly transferred clients from UWF to 1C all by herself. From the Argus company, which we transferred to 1C, we received a letter where they wrote “We have never seen such implementations, we did not even understand that it happened.” You need to understand that any transition is associated with difficulties

This year we have developed a new solution – Employee Gate, a completely new, technological portal for employees.

Shall I say that I’m proud of it? No, becasue everyone should just try to do their job. Do you remember the Sochi Olympics? The unopened ring was there. I can mention just one thing that I have realized – no matter how many people are involved in the process, the result depends on everyone. And if in this chain of people there is at least one who does not work in a proper way, there is a great risk of not opening the ring.


What do you like about work?

Recently I have been working a lot, but I like it. 🙂 I like that I never stop working with those people with whom I worked in sales, we gain our victories or defeats. The sales side of my life is not going anywhere. I like it.

How would you describe UCMS Group to someone who does not know what kind of company it is?

There are pros and cons everywhere, and we have both pros and cons. We have no place for those people who like to do nothing, so if you like to be in good shape always – this is about us.

If you really want to find not only work, but also friends – this is also our case.

Tell us about your children. You have a daughter and two sons.

And they are all different. We have a very big difference in all children. Between daughter and middle son – 8 years, between sons – 13. If I was much earlier about children, I would never have thought that there would be such a difference. If they asked me whether I would like to give birth to someone at forty, I would definitely say no. Katya, daughter, 26 years old, she graduated from an architectural college and the Institute of Business and Design. She has a bias in the design of houses. She works in a company that is somehow connected with the metro, and occasionally receives private orders for projects or house design. She started working when she was still studying.

Is Klim already at the university?

Yes. He gave ten years to sports, ended up taking the master of sports in artistic gymnastics. He wanted to put an end like this. Sport, of course, gave him a lot. Athletes often said – thanks to sports … I did sports – I shot from a bow. Children laugh at me 🙂 And the bow then costed 120 rubles, by the way. Somewhere is now at the dacha .

And the younger one?

The youngest is an adorable baby. Of course, everyone praises their children, but this friend of mine is just some kind of unearthly baby. Nobody taught him what he does. When someone talks to him, people have the feeling that they are talking to an adult. Passing by the concierge, he always says “Good morning”, or he can say “Do you know, I’m going with my dad to the Detsky mir today. There are locomotives, my dad and I will be … “. I pull him – Tyoma, let’s go, we’re late. “Now, wait, I’ll tell it first.” Or leaves the house and says, “What a wonderful weather!” He is very bright, joyful. Recently we were passing the crosswalk, and he was positively jumping alongside and singing “La-la! Babam-babam! ” The guy distributing the leaflets asked, “Is he always in this mood?” 🙂 Always. But at the same time, he’s a schematic person. From an early age, everything that he is accustomed to, to some order of actions, cannot be violated. If he thinks that at this moment he should play the phone, then he should finish playing the phone. He will be very upset if not allowed. In general, by the third child, I realized that everything should be through play – brushing your teeth, going to bed, eating. We play everything.

What do you love the most?

I really love traditions – and to originate and support. My friends and I always celebrate my birthday at the dacha, for fifteen years already. This is almost always one circle of people. And my friends plan their trips and vacations thinking that on May 30 or next weekend, they should come to me. For them, this is also a tradition that makes them feel good at heart. I urge everyone, who still do not have traditions, to generate and support them!

What’s your ideal vacation?

What I had was tents, a sea with a beach with children, and the two of us went to Athens. What is the best vacation? Well, I’ll probably tell you what I’m ready to give up and what not. I will not refuse tents.

What has impressed you the most lately? Film, book or play? I know you love theater, or maybe some place?

There can be no other answer unequivocally – this is, of course, the World Cup. I am still reviewing it and I get goosebumps. I never thought, when I watched the Italian championship in 1990, or in the States in 1994, or in Japan and Korea, that the World Cup would be held in Russia and I would be at the opening and the playoffs. It was amazing! We were in three games. At the opening and our game with the Arabians, our match with Spain and at the England-Columbia match. In short, the World Cup in Russia impressed me the most.

Who would you like to become for one day?

Oh! Well, we’re not talking about a profession, are we? It is foolish to be an astronaut for one day. You know, maybe it would be interesting for me to get into the shoes of a woman, a wife, for example. I would be interested in what motivates a person when she says that she will be in five minutes, and comes in half an hour. How does it all works?

Tell me, what are your strengths?

I consider myself a reliable person. My whole life allows me to say that I have never set anyone up.

And let other people speak about my other qualities. Well, I consider myself non-conflict, probably, it helps me. I’m not short-tempered. But there are certain moments that can turn me on easily, but perhaps this is not hot temper? I just don’t accept certain things. I can find common language with different people. I’m not touchy.

Do you have any shortcomings?

Yes, of course, like everyone. Well, if something upsets me, I can not restrain myself, I can greatly offend. This happened a couple of times in my life.

Describe us in one word.

I have been with the company for 15 years, so UCMS Group is my second home, it is already a part of me. It’s nice that I have seen many of those who work nearby for ten or more years. UCMS is a company of caring like-minded people, I would probably say so.

What do you wish the team?

I wish our company to always adhere to the course chosen once – for each client try to be not just a good service provider, but a real partner!

A moment of nostalgia

How did you earn your first money and what did you spend it on?

I had a very smart and cool grandfather. When we were old enough to collect Colorado beetles and save potatoes, he said, “Guys, I have a cool offer for you. Well, he didn’t say the word “cool”, of course 🙂 I have a great proposal for you guys. And the guys are me and my brother. We have potatoes growing there, a vegetable garden. There used to be large vegetable gardens. And I spent all my time there – both in summer and in winter, in this very village on the border of Lipetsk and Tver regions. Grandfather said – There the Colorado beetle comes, it would be necessary to peel the potatoes from it. We are depressed – heat, sun … Zero motivation. And grandfather says – Why are you so sad? The beetle costs a penny. He gave us glass liter jars and we hunted. We hunted for the Colorado potato beetle! Then we came to him and said – 250 beetles, for example. And I spent the money on soldiers, on cars, on ice cream.

Do you have any vivid memories of your childhood?

There were many stories. Once, when my grandfather was no longer working, he was asked to go to watch the combines during a harvesting periods. And he invited us to go with him. And to watch means to do that at night. They work during the day, and then they come to one place and are left unattended. So my grandfather offered us – Do you want? My brother and I – We want! The night was warm, we slept in a stacker. Stacker is the pleace in the combine from where it spits out the accumulated straw. There was straw and the three of us lay down in this stacker. Starry sky. We often asked grandfather to tell something from his past life, even more often – about the war in which he took part. In general, it was a wonderful evening, a wonderful night. And straw is what remains from wheat or rye, and eveт animals seem to not eat it. And now the whole field is dotted with these heaps. I thought the straw should burn so cool.

We say to grandfather – Can we set fire to a heap? He says – No problem!

And so we burned fifty heaps, maybe sixty. The whole field was in smoke, and we stood and looked at it!

Who did you want to become as a child?

From early childhood I was passionate about football, hockey, ice skating from the age of four. In childhood all the pastime was at school and playground, so I enrolled in sports schools, but did not pass the test.

All, probably, boys, having ceased to want to be astronauts, where are they going? To some technical university, programming, right? What’s the coolest thing about a technical institute? Of course, applied mathematics, so you need to go there. I cannot say that I was absolutely sure then. Now I know where I would go to study and who I would like to become. I would go somewhere where all kinds of directors are taught. This business fascinates me very much.

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Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services

All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

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My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner

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Our position is that the better the outsourcer works, the less often we remember about him

Outsourcing is not our job, not our business and we cannot do your job better than you

Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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