The most pleasant thing about work is when you don’t know how to make a report, and then you sit down, do it and understand – how cool it is

The most pleasant thing about work is when you don’t know how to make a report, and then you sit down, do it and understand – how cool it is

Anastasia Solodukhina
Project manager

Joined the company in 2017

Tver State University
Specialization “Accounting, Analysis and Audit”
Specialization “Journalism”

How did you end up in UCMS Group?

Before UCMS, I worked at the Max-M insurance company, I was the chief accountant of the Tver branch, and before that I worked at VSK, this is also an insurance company. This is my last insurance experience. There I had plenty of roles – I came after university and there I was taught everything. You can say that I had a tough course of a young fighter in accounting. I was a cashier, worked in the segments of expense reports, suppliers. Then the company was reorganized and suddenly I began to supervise the economic activities of ten or twelve VSK branches in Russia. And then it became somehow unprofitable. And I unexpectedly went to Max. Well, in fact, I also came to UCMS Group unexpectedly.

There are people who are purposefully looking for job, they surf sites with vacancies, looking for “their” job. And I had a very good financial director at VSK, I told her that I was not very happy with the work, and she advised me to Max, she had acquaintances there. That is, at my own job they assigned me a new one! Max was looking for a chief accountant. I couldn’t imagine myself on a position of a chief accountant. I was 24 then. They say – you can handle it, you have to try. I tried it and it worked. I’m always afraid of everything. But my saying works – what the eyes fear, the hands do.

It’s always scary to do something new. But I am a normal adequate person, I assess whether I can or not. Well, the main thing is to start. Yes, and we live in the 21st century, in the age of the Internet – after all, if you don’t understand something, you can quickly learn everything. In general, I am a coward, but I do.

Katya Menshikova interviewed me at UCMS Group. I have a whole story. I worked in Max, and an unpleasant story happened there, I decided that I don’t want to work with unpleasant people, so I went to and the only vacancy that suited me was UCMS. I sent my resume, Nastya Karabskaya (a former recruiter in the Tver office) immediately answered me. I wrote the test, by the way, I was sure that it was bad, I was upset that no one else would ever call me. And then Karabskaya calls me again and invites me to the next stage of the interview, we agreed for lunch time – then I had a fixed lunch time from 13 to 14. I came, waited more than an hour for Katya to be available, but she was not. So I left, I needed to go to work. We finally agreed on an interview in the evening after work and then the conversation took place. We somehow quickly agreed.

You came to the position of senior specialist. Did you have any difficulties related to the transition to outsourcing?

Of course I had!

It seems to me that I lived in stress for six months, did not sleep at night.

I came in the most difficult period for an accountant. Starting in December means that you have to prepare the annual reporting, which smoothly falls into the quarterly ones. So until May, I was in some kind of wild stress. And even more, I worked in insurance, and this is a separate world – there is no VAT activity, plus there are many their own specific reports. For example, I have never made a notification about controlled transactions. And then I came, and I needed to prepare them – what is it, how is it? I figured it out. And, by the way, I remember how glad I was that I was almost immediately approved to work remotely, because it was New Year’s holidays and I thought – That’s good, I can figure it out and make reports 🙂


What is the most difficult in your work?

I cannot scold people, I am always so uncomfortable. I swear when I’m just at the limit, I’m overwhelmed with tasks, everyone needs everything at once, clients call, deadlines are burning, and someone sits quietly. In this case, all my swearing is “I swear!”. You know, the fact that we work in different cities also leaves an imprint – it’s easier for you to express your dissatisfaction when you see a person. And in our case you call on Skype and delicately try to convey that you are unhappy.

And you also have a gentle voice, not at all abusive, not at all a ferocious catwoman 🙂

What do you like about your job?

Pleasant? Well, when you need to make management reporting, and you are like that, how can you do it? And then you sit down, prepares it and understand – this is cool!

Especially when after that another hundred clarifying letters from the client do not arrive. Of course, gratitude from customers is pleasant. Once I was praised so much that I melted like ice cream in the summer

What should you do on a perfect weekend?

Oooh, well, there are two options. It all depends on how your week turned out: if it’s really bad and you don’t go anywhere (because you definitely go somewhere on a perfect weekend), then you hang out, meet with friends, but during the quarantine period there was no perfect weekend … We had a perfect weekend on whatsapp, video conferencing. You have to eat delicious food, of course. I always sleep a lot, I’m not a morning person. On a perfect weekend, I can sleep until 12. There are, of course, mornings when I wake up at 6, do nothing until 8, and then I go to bake myself a croissant. I do not like to cook, but I like to eat well. In my ideal life, I don’t cook.

And if the week is a success, then you must definitely go somewhere. Honestly, I don’t care where. I’m actually not easy person, but my husband is. For him, if we stayed at home over the weekend, we failed. It is imperative to go at least somewhere, even if we return home to spend the night – to a dacha, to friends, to some other city or to Europe for the weekend.

Do you have any dream trip?

The most super-wow is America. I have never had anything cooler than America. I have been to many places, I went there for 1.5 months. Washington, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Hollywood, Monterrey, and I was in Silicon Valley.

I graduated quite well from the university and we were offered to go to the States. There was a program in the university, we had to pay only our personal costs. We flew to Washington, looked at the Pentagon from afar – it was super cool! Then we were in New York, in Boston, went to Harvard. Then we flew to San Francisco. For me, this is a dream city! Fairy tale! Many people like Los Angeles, but I didn’t like Hollywood at all. But San Francisco is super-cozy, with these houses and crooked roads. Inland, we traveled by car – we had two Dodge Caravans, each accommodating 7 people.

I had my driver license, so at some point I was driving this huge car along the serpentine road to Hollywood.

There are a lot of impressions from the trip, I am generally delighted. Then no one went to America yet. Then in 2012, there was an Apple boom, so I will not forget how I flew out of America. I had two iPads, three Macbooks, several iPhones. I had to buy them in different Apple stores, because they didn’t sell more than two in one hand. In general, with such baggage, I felt like the master of the universe 🙂

What about the next dream trip?

Mexico. Sometime ago it didn’t work out well – we were planning to go there for our honeymoon in September, but at this time there was either a tsunami season, or floods and other unpleasant cataclysms. In general, our friend, a travel agent, refused to sell us tickets because of this weather. Then we went to Sicily, by the way. And I liked it very much, I do not regret it at all.

What are you running out of time for?

I don’t have time for anything. I want to draw – sketches, anti-stress pictures. I seem to be drawing something, but I want it even better. In quarantine, I bought myself a book about stress relief by painting, watercolors, brushes and special watercolor paper. I am also interested in interior design. I know AutoCAD, I can draw and design everything there.

I am a strange person – I like to watch movies and draw in AutoCAD.

In general, I want more friends with whom you can make repairs 🙂 But I will have the opportunity to practice, because during the quarantine we have bought land and will build a house!

You watch movies and TV shows in batches, and what is your favorite?

I can’t say that I like to rewatch films. Only if it is for some dates, for example, on New Year’s holidays I watch “The holiday”. Well, from the TV series – “Game of Thrones” definitely. I started watching from the beginning only when the seventh season came out, watched everything and fell in love. I am also the person who is not a fan of Friends.

What are your weaknesses?

This is a difficult question. I am very soft, I want to be tougher in some moments. And I’m not a morning person – this is probably also a weak side.

Describe us in one word.

Can I say in two words? We’re super cute!

What do you wish the team?

On the birthday of UCMS Group, I want to wish us more good, nice, charming, preferably problem-free clients with good big revenue, and very loyal to us.

A moment of nostalgia

Tell me, what kind of child were you?

Literally today, my parents called me by video link and showed a video of me singing songs on the porch at the dacha as a child. I was a very sociable child and always had many friends. I was obedient until adolescence, and then youthful maximalism happened. I was a teenager with my own opinion on everything, and this opinion did not always coincide with my parent’s one. But we got through this period quite well. As a compromise, I had to finish a music school, which I didn’t want to go to. I skipped school a lot.

Who did you want to become as a child?

I wanted to be a lawyer, I was preparing for entring a university. But mom and dad had forbidden to submit documents. “Where are you and where is the court?” I also wanted to be a journalist, but everything is fine with this, I made my dream come true, ticked the box, put the diploma on the shelf

How did you earn your first money and what did you spend it on?

Probably it was in the first year in university. During my studies, I worked in a call center, it was very popular then. If you are chatty, talkative and not shy and you can combine study and work, and it was not difficult, because you could work half a day in the call center, then you can make easy money – well for me it was. Because I was selling some kind of banking products in those days when almost no one knew about credit cards, so they flew like hot cakes. I was making very good money then. And when I got my first normal job, I thought, “Lord, why don’t I work in a call center? Why are the salaries so different?” And I probably spent it on a vacation trip with friends to Turkey or Egypt.

Do you have any vivid memories of your childhood?

I remember how we were looking for a squirrel in kindergarten. Yes, rubber squirrel. There were the harsh 90s, I didn’t have much toys, and I don’t remember that I really wanted something. I always had enough – I had Stasik the dog and Toma the squirrel. I was about five years old, I took the squirrel Tom with me to kindergarten and gave it someone in the sandbox to play. The squirrel was not returned to me, I forgot about it and came home. Mom asked me – Where is Toma? Ahh! It was then that I discovered the loss. The parents called the parents of the girl who was playing with the squirrel and they said that she had not brought any squirrel from the kindergarten. The next day, my dad and I were looking for a squirrel everywhere, and we didn’t find it either. Therefore, Dad and I, had to dig up the entire sandbox, but Toma was still not found.

And that’s all, no squirrel anymore. They stole a squirrel, most likely.

There were no toys then. In order to but my first Barbie, Dad stood in line in the Moscow Detsky mir when he was there on a business trip. But I had a cool Barbie! By the way, I also had a Barbie brought from America, and a box of clothes was additionally sold to it. As I remember now, there was a pink skirt, pink shoes, a dark blue skirt and for some reason a crop top. 1997, why crop top? By the way, this doll is still alive. But with this Barbie a problem happened: my friends and I tore off her head and broke a piece of her neck, so she had an operation – my dad and I glued her head, so she was not turning anymore.

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Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services

All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

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L’Oréal recommends HR outsourcing

My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner

Our goal was to outsource everything, even storage of labor books

Our position is that the better the outsourcer works, the less often we remember about him

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Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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