UCMS Group is an excellent company with wonderful people and specialists

UCMS Group is an excellent company with wonderful people and specialists

Natalia Dolgopolova
Project manager

Joined the company in 2007

State University of Management
Specialization “ Accounting, analysis, audit

Tell me, is there life before UCMS?

Of course, I worked before UCMS 🙂

I have very different experience – I had my own business, I worked in the Bridgetown Foods company (Three Crusts), and in the Ogonyok publishing house. It was very interesting there, because the publisher was then Viktor Loshak, and we were publishing Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Dmitry Bykov, who came every two or three months for a fee, and I communicated with them. Bykov sometimes treated everyone with apples. On the other hand, it was terribly boring, there was no work at all. So I left – I need it to be interesting, to have a drive.

Do you remember your interview?

Of course, it was with Andrey Petrovich (note Shabanov – CEO until 2014) and Anna Nikolaevna (note Manuilova – Chief Accountant until 2010). I then went to work in the office at the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station as a payroll specialist.

And I started with the Quinyx (note: the former name of the UWF system – UCMS Group own software). The system was new, constantly being improved. It was difficult: I was calculating payroll, then I rechecked everything and was starting again. I remember how Sergei Savin and I worked on the Alpina Publisher project – oh! At that time, H&M came to Russia – they had only one store at that time, and we worked together on a project with Anya Vorontsova. Project managers, such a function as we have now, did not exist. They only negotiated with the client, and we were already engaged in the technical part, setting, calculation. At the same time, we set up English First with Nazar (note Marynich – a consultant, later the head of the consulting department). We worked a lot with Alexey Belov (note: Head of the R&D department), Ilya Kondratenko (not: Seniour consultant), then nobody really went on vacation, especially me – you couldn’t give up the calculation. Then Belov laughed – “What kind of product I had made – you can calculate the salary easily!” Then, as now, the teams and people were great, there is something to remember.

And then you had a pseudo-maternity leave, and you returned to the office in a new role.

It seems to me that Natasha Alenicheva decided it then, she was still an HR director at that time. But it seems that it could not have been done without Tatiana Khomenko 🙂 It was their initiative. After all, I worked remotely as a payroll specialist, and there were always a lot of projects – in addition to my clients, I was always willing to help, I never refused to take additional tasks.

I usually get bored from one case, there are pros and cons to a certain extent.

Well, I can’t do the same thing for a long time, I need it to be interesting, and to have that very drive. Well, this drive brought me to the current situation 🙂 The first project that I had as a leader was menswear brand, which I really liked, it had its own peculiarities, and which did not happen for various reasons. In principle, communications were all great, but the goal of switching to outsourcing was to ensure confidentiality in the company. But they miscalculated, because payments went through another financial group, not outsourcing, and due to the Russian legislation, the reports are still signed by the chief accountant, so she still has access.

Did they want that even she knew nothing?

Yes, so that no one knows anything at all. Therefore, it did not happen with them. Of course, when a client leaves, you still feel some kind of guilt – I guess I did something wrong, so it left. Personally, this thought always haunts me. Therefore, even after years, I regret the failed partnership, but I understand that we would have been unable to offer anything in that situation.

But the people there were cool, and any of their letters, no matter how many letters they wrote during the day, began with the phrase “Natalia, good afternoon. Are you doing well? “

By the evening I was already looking around to see if everything was fine with me, maybe I don’t know something. This phrase was in a letter from every employee of the client. Sasha Datsko, who also participated in this project, liked to ask me if everything was fine with me 🙂


What is the most difficult in your work?

The first is the lack of time. It is difficult if there are weak links in a team that at some point cannot be relied on. Well-coordinated teams with professionals are a plus. Of course, it is difficult to work with inadequate people. Now they are practically nonexistent, but it used to be difficult. Sometimes it happens that they come, wave their checkers, and everything settles down.

What is the most pleasant thing about your job?

For me, the main thing is that the customer does not just want to transfer the process of calculating salaries and HR, but when he is also interested in the project.

When he supports our ideas and proposals and participates in their implementation. If you have it, then you want to work. And when we all sleep on the go and wait for something bad to happen, it’s so uninteresting, although there are such projects too. It’s boring. And when you see the client’s need, and he participates and helps – this is the most pleasant thing.

This is a jubilee year for UCMS Group, we interview clients, hear a lot of pleasant things and ask them why we have been together for so long. Why do you think many clients stay with us for many, many years? Why are we better than others?

Well, probably because we are flexible. You can always negotiate with us.

We are not a kind of rusks, we try to understand clients’ needs, satisfy their desires, we help. Therefore, they are with us.

Of course, we also make mistakes, like everyone else, but the fact that in more significant things we give the client more advantages than disadvantages distinguishes us. And in fact, we have good relations with almost all contact persons.

Without unnecessary formalism?

Absolutely! Take one of my clients – no matter how many contacts have changed during this time we have always adjusted to each other, taking into account our personal circumstances. For example, the client’s CFO, just like me, was then deeply on maternity leave. And it was convenient for her to work at nights. She could actually send me a request at night, at three o’clock, at two, at one o’clock. I never said: “Hey, I have a working day until six,” I got up and did it. Firstly, because it was more convenient for me to work at night, and, secondly, I understand that if a person works at night, then she has to do it by some reason.

What is your perfect weekend?

First, you need to clean the entire apartment on weekdays so that there is no cleaning left for the weekend. Then go to the dacha, out of town, because I can’t imagine what can be done in the apartment at all. We bought a dog recently. Therefore, I have a dacha, a dog with which I have to walk – this is ideal, I don’t need anything else. Meat, wine can be added.

And what about sleeping?

No, no, I never sleep. Even on weekends we get up at 7 o’clock.

Are you comfortable?

Yes, I don’t like sleeping. I am a very early morning person and my husband is the same. We get up at five, at six in the morning . Even on vacation, and we managed to go to the sea this summer, we were already on the coast at seven in the morning, spent time there until ten – freezing, swimming, running along the coast. Then I went to work until lunchtime, then dived into the pool and in the evening we just walked. Therefore, sitting at home, sleeping is not for me.

You are a super mom. Tell us about your kids? How many do you have?

You know! The two elders, they are the twins, already 28 years old. They are wonderful guys, I adore them and I am very glad that now we are all together and communicate closely. They support me very much with the small ones, who are a completely different breed, a different generation. There is a big gap between them. The guys are twenty-eight, my son Kirill is thirteen, and Mashechka is nine. So many children we have raised. But daughter Mashechka is, of course, everything for me!

We have a female team in our company, lots of mothers and they are very different. You have four, and you worked remotely for a long time. Tell me, what’s the secret, how to keep up with everything?

Well, first of all, you need self-organization – you can’t do without it. There should be a clear schedule. If you have postponed something, then you will accumulate so much that it will be difficult to get out of it. For me personally, a failure of the regime is a pipe. Of course, this remote quarantine regime of study of children has severely crippled since spring. A lot of time is spent on freezing computers, programs and all those things. Of course, this was not included in my schedule, it knocked out.

Do you have something that you don’t have enough time for?

Yeah! This is the fifth attempt to learn English. It seems that soon I will sell my soul to learn it.

Describe us in one word.

Loyal, first of all. Professional, secondly. All teams, everyone know a lot, at the highest level. We are polite – we write very beautiful letters 🙂 We are also sociable.

UCMS Group is a great company with great people and specialists. You can always count on the help and support of colleagues.

The variety of clients and their specifics do not let you get bored, so, probably, there is no desire to escape to another job 🙂 It is not boring and monotonous.

What do you wish the team?

I wish UCMS Group only prosperity! Huge achievements! More won tenders! And of course, corporate events and the end of quarantine 🙂

A moment of nostalgia

Natasha, tell us what kind of child you were? Quiet or active?

As a child, I was a great organizer – just to stir up something. My mother was a teacher, and I spent all my childhood with her in kindergarten. I always loved to tinker with children, we read poems and fairy tales with them. My dream was from childhood – to be a teacher or mentor. No more options. But it quickly went away, so I really wanted a child, right from childhood.

Children for me, and of different ages, are absolute happiness. And about me – my mother says that I was a normal, good child, obedient.

Can you tell us something about your childhood? Maybe there is some vivid memory?

Well, childhood is partying, riding a bike, running away from home to a reservoir and swimming, playing games. I spent my childhood in the Caucasus, in a hot place, although I was born in Yakutia. My parents are from the Caucasus, but then it was fashionable to go to the North to earn money. They lived there for about ten years, I was born there and lived there until the first grade, and then we returned. We earned money on Zaporozhets – it was cool then – and came to the Caucasus. I spent my childhood and youth there. And a vivid memory … I don’t even know, everything was bright – as you run away from home to swim, then it was so bright, it burned everywhere already.

Tell me, do you remember how you earned your first money?

I knew that there would be such a question, but I could not remember my first earnings. As a child, I definitely did not work, then we already had our own business, and I did not work for hire. In general, all my jobs started with initial positions, and then I was promoted. And I had it that way four times. When I lived in Ufa for eight years … You didn’t know? Now I’ll tell you in details. I lived in the Caucasus, where I got married, my husband and I went to Ufa, to Bashkiria and there we had our own business, it was in the 90s, we went broke a couple of times, but then I just went to the store as a seller. Almost immediately I became a merchandiser, I opened shops and cafes, then I got tired of all this, I quit everything and went to a photo store, was selling cameras, taking films for development and printing. I took off all the powers of the general director and chief accountant of that company with four shops and cafes, because no one wanted to take business from me. And in the photo store, we constantly had some kind of training, they told us about cameras, it seemed to be frivolous, but nevertheless I was ranked first in sales throughout the company. And then we left, and I already began to work in my profile, in accounting, with calculations.

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Every year we are expanding our cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the quality of services

All the people whom I had to deal with during the work are, first of all, professionals

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My understanding of the ideal provider completely coincides with your company.

One of the advantages of UCMS Group is that you really try to do the right service, to be a partner

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Our position is that the better the outsourcer works, the less often we remember about him

Outsourcing is not our job, not our business and we cannot do your job better than you

Outsourcing is very convenient for the chief accountant

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