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UCMS Group among the largest outsourcing companies according to RAEX

05 июня 2019

According to the results of the annual survey of the market for outsourcing of accounting functions according to the rating agency “Expert RA”, UCMS Group by the end of 2018 took the 4th place among the leading companies in the field of personnel outsourcing business production and outsourcing of wage calculations in the Russian market.
“In 2018, the total growth of revenue from the services of outsourcing of wages and outsourcing of personnel accounting and case work was 12%, while in the direction of personnel business production we grew by 25%, this is a very serious achievement for our team, – comments Natalia Alenicheva, Director of the Department of Outsourcing of Wage and Personnel calculation at UCMS Group. We will be reliable partners for our customers and contribute to the prosperity of their business.”
In the overall ranking of the largest companies and groups in the field of outsourcing of accounting functions by the end of 2018, UCMS Group took the 8th place.
UCMS Group is also one of the largest providers of accounting services.
“It should be noted that the total revenue from accounting services is growing every year. For 2018, revenue in this sector increased by 55%, amounting to 111,888 million, – comments Yekaterina Menshikova, Head of Accounting at UCMS Group.
I want to thank all our customers for their trust, as well as our team for their support and dedication. It was only through your work that we were able to achieve such results. But, of course, we do not stop there and are sure that we have only new victories ahead of us. And our customers will continue to be guaranteed reliability, high quality and professionalism.”
You can read the rating of the top 10 companies in the field of outsourcing of salary calculation and personnel business production can be found here.

You can see the full analytics on the account outsourcing market for 2018 here..
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