Alfa-Bank Improves HR processes with UCMS Group Russia

13 февраля 2012

Alfa-Bank has been working with UCMS Group Russia for over 5 years.  During the time of the project, a complete large-scale automation of the HR processes of the bank was carried out, as well as the integration with other business applications.
The HR solution based on a modern technology has been rolled out to all regional branches of the bank, and has become the first unified human capital management system within the Alfa-Bank.
“Prior to the cooperation with UCMS Group Russia we didn’t have any end-to-end HR solution that provided the ability to manage all the key HR services on a single platform”, said Svetlana Potapova, Chief Technology Officer of HR systems, Alfa-Bank Group . “In the early 2000’s there were attempts to implement such a solution, but for various reasons they were not completed. The biggest challenge of this project has been the fact that there were no solutions on the market that could have met the specific requirements of the Bank at that time”.
“Before starting the project we took into account all of the challenges experienced during earlier attempts of HR process automation”, said Andrey Shibanov, Human Resource Director, Alfa-Bank. “We explored the market and short-listed seven most interesting solutions. In the end, the solution from UCMS Group stood out with a good value proposition, broad integration functionality and strong performance capabilities that could be seamlessly integrated to the existing business processes of the bank”.
About Alfa Bank
Alfa-Bank is the Russia’s largest private bank in terms of total assets, total equity and customer accounts.  Founded in 1990, Alfa-Bank is a full-service bank operating in all sectors of the financial market, including retail and corporate lending, investment banking, trade finance and asset management.

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