L’Oréal and UCMS Group. More than 10 years of cooperation

20 мая 2016

UCMS Group Company has been providing payroll and personnel records automation services to CJSC L’Oreal for more than 10 years (since 2005).

Head of Rewards at CJSC L’Oreal Yuliya Sheina comments on the cooperation with UCMS Group: “During the cooperation UCMS Group has demonstrated a professional and responsible approach to the provision of services: payroll accounting is done on a timely basis with no complaints on our part, the HR system adjustments are carried out without delay as well. UCMS Company also provides us with legal advice on labor legislation, HR administration nuances and timely makes all the necessary legislative adjustments in the HR system without any reminder from us. Sincerely I can say that we are very grateful for the partnership relations established between our two companies, and for UCMS employees’ permanent readiness to meet our requests and innovations! On behalf of CJSC L’Oreal I thank UCMS Group for the effective cooperation. We recommend UCMS Group as a reliable and responsible provider.”

About L’Oréal Company

L’Oréal — is the leader of the world cosmetics and perfume market headquartered in Clichy, France. The company was founded in 1909 by a French chemist Eugène Paul Louis Schueller.

L’Oréal started its business in Russia in 1990 when a joint Soviet-French enterprise specialized in producing shampoo, hair color and perfume was established. On September 23, 2010 L’Oréal Group’s first factory on the territory of Russia — in Kaluzhskaya Region  — was officially opened.

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С каждым годом мы расширяем сотрудничество, потому что очень довольны качеством услуг


L’Oréal рекомендует HR аутсорсинг


Вы стараетесь быть ближе к клиенту, сохраняя человеческие отношения


Нашей целью было перенести всё на аутсорсинг, даже хранение трудовых книжек

Smart Engines

UCMS Group – это пример клиентоориентиро- ванной компании, у которой это не просто глобальный лозунг


Аутсорсинг – не наша работа, не наш бизнес и мы не сможем сделать вашу работу лучше вас.


Аутсорсинг для главбуха – это очень удобно


Ваши сильные стороны: оперативность, своевременность и профессионализм

Rockwell Automation

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