UCMS Group — 20 years on the Russian market!

30 января 2015

This year UCMS Group celebrates a round anniversary — 20 years on the Russian market!

In 1995 we became one of the first accounting outsourcing companies on the territory of Russia. That is why we by right consider ourselves pioneers of our sphere on the Russian market.

Our first customers were mostly Western companies that had divisions in Russia. Their commitment to business processes optimization traditions that had rooted in the West together with the specificity of the Russian market and legislation lead them to a natural decision to outsource routine functions.

Today among our major customers are such leading companies like IKEA, Michelin, L’Oreal, Ehrmann, English First, Software AG, Hochland and many others.

Our pool of customers is being actively enlarged also by Russian major companies, that increasingly often introduce outsourcing projects. For instance, Yota — a company that we have been providing with HR and Payroll outsourcing services for more than 4 years.

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Наши кейсы

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