Chief Accountant Function

You have employees responsible for supporting primary documentation, but you lack skills and expertise? We can perform a Chief Accountant function for your company.

We are responsible for closing an accounting period, checking primary documents, preparing statements and submitting statutory reports. Services can be provided on-site or remotely.

Functions of the Chief Accountant include:

  • Monitoring of primary documents and entered transactions;
  • Monitoring of correctness of incoming documents;
  • Monitoring of payroll transactions;
  • Closing of the accounting period;
  • Consultations on tax optimization;
  • Assistance/ Participation during  tax authorities audits;
  • Accruals for financial assets and overdue receivables;
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax statements to authorities;

If you wish broader package of services, we are always open to discuss customer-specific scope of services.