Legal advice

You don’t have an in-house lawyer and you don’t want to hire an employee you need only twice a month? Through our legal advice services, we offer you legal support in a wide range of issues, when you need us.

Legal advice services keep you safe from making rash decisions and reduce your financial and legal risks. You can receive either brief consultations or purchase a monthly package and receive consultations exactly as much as you need.

Legal Advice services include:

  • Verbal and written advise on economic activities of the Customer;
  • Written and verbal advice on legislation application;
  • Development and analysis of all types of agreements, contracts, arrangements and other documents;
  • Information support for business (provision of statutory acts, reference legal information);
  • Assistance in preparation of drafts of in-house regulations of the Customer;
  • Participation in contract negotiations;
  • Representation of Customer’s interests in state authorities, institutions and organizations, officials, legal entities and physical persons;
  • Legal support in business transactions;
  • Preparation of amendments to constitutional documents;
  • Legal support in relations with employees;