Registration of legal entities

In the Russian Federation you are not allowed to start a new business without passing the registration procedure of a legal entity.

UCMS Group provides the complete package of services regarding registration of legal entities in Russia. Our experts can help you prepare corporate establishing documents, successfully pass the registration procedure, and assist you in the interaction with registration authorities.

In addition, if you use our outsourcing services, you can get registration services without any additional payment.

Services rearding registration of legal entities include:

  • Selection of the best suiting legal form for a legal entity considering the nature of its future activities, number of business participants and other factors;
  • Consultations in opening, passing registration and beginning the business activity for Russian companies;
  • Establishing of legal entities of different legal forms (Limited Liability Company (OOO), Closed Joint Stock Company (ZAO), Open Joint Stock Company (OAO));
  • Accreditation of representative and branch offices of foreign companies;
  • Execution and registration of changes in the foundation documents;
  • Liquidation of Russian companies (OOO, ZAO, OAO), branches and representative offices of Russian companies;
  • Development of corporate establishing documents;
  • Preparation of resolutions (minutes) of the General Meeting of Participants and the Board of Directors;

Assistance in the process of legal entity registration includes:

  • Opening of bank accounts;
  • Production of stamps;
  • Registration with the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, Medical Insurance Fund;
  • Legal assistance and paperwork for buying and selling of shares (stocks);

Registration of issue of securities during establishing of legal entities (ZAO, OAO).