Restoration of accounting

Do you suspect that you have some flaws in accounting or you know that accounting transactions were not recorded accurately? We perform restoration of accounting records for the previous periods and organize your financial and tax accounting – fully compliant with local legislation and corporate standards of your company. 

Also we can perform analysis of the current status of accounting and identify any possible gaps in the system.

Restoration of accounting services include:

  • Restoration of primary accounting documents, checking the accuracy of completion;
  • Creation of tax accounting registers, accurate tax calculation by requirements of Russian legislation;
  • Entering of cash transactions according to the local standards of cash settlements;
  • Calculation of taxes, checking the accuracy of their accruals and payments;
  • Preparation and submission of statements for previous periods;
  • Correction of mistakes and discrepancies in accounting, analysis of previously submitted statements;

Preparation and submission of declarations and all statements;