Finance and Accounting Shared Services

When your Finance & Accounting team is too small to justify building your own Shared Service Center, UCMS can provide an alternative.

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of global companies use outsourcing and/or Shared Service Centers (SSC) for Finance & Accounting processes.

They use these sourcing strategies for F&A processes to reduce operational costs, increase process efficiency and support business strategies.

You may wonder whether establishing a SSC is the right step for your company.

F&A SSC for Large and Medium Sized European Companies

When the headcount processing F&A operations is relatively small, building your own Shared Service Center may not be a financially viable solution indeed.

It is also likely that you will not get the right attention and flexible services from global multi-billion BPO providers. Simply speaking, they’re too big and you’re (relatively) too small.

What is the solution then?

This is where UCMS Group can help you. We believe that we are a good alternative to both building your own Shared Service Center and using a global outsourcing provider.

We have experience in handling F&A processes for mid-sized companies with local or regional F&A teams counting from a few to 50 employees.

Our size and capabilities match expectations of large and medium-sized businesses for executive management attention, flexible services, transparency and control over processes and competitive prices.

We invite you to read the following material on how we can help you deliver F&A processes and achieve your objectives.

Scope of Finance and Accounting Services

You already know that we can take care of F&A processes. But what exactly is the scope of our services? Click on the link below to find out more.

Key Considerations of Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

Before making the decision to outsource your Finance and Accounting processes, you may have some questions. Let us help you find the answers. Click on the “Read more” link to get further information.

Implementation of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services

What happens when you decide to use UCMS Group’s services? Take a closer look on how we implement F&A outsourcing for our customers.

Finance & Accounting BPO Service Delivery Model

Our motto for delivering Finance & Accounting outsourcing services is “do it right the first time, every time”. Our BPO delivery team comprise experienced professionals who are eager to go an extra mile every time you need it. To find out how we deliver and manage services click on the link below.

The Right Shared Service Center Solution for You

Still not sure whether to choose UCMS Group? Click on the link below to find out more about us and what makes us different.

UCMS Group has the  proven experience, knowledge, local presence and professional staff to manage your payroll so that you stay relaxed

Other companies say about us...

Professional expertise - "A superb level of expertise in finance, payroll and HR administration."

Ability to listen - "They want to listen to our needs - they are ready to discuss changes and finally to implement them."

Quick reaction - "They can improve the standards quickly."

Hard competencies - "I can rely in 100% on their work and correctness of their delivery."

Source: Customers interviews conducted by external consultants in 2012.