The Right Shared Service Center Solution for You

Still not sure whether to outsource F&A processes to UCMS Group? Take a closer look at who we are.

If you need a good alternative to building your own Shared Service Center or  outsourcing to a global BPO provider, we’re ready to help you.

Compared to building your own Shared Service Center, with UCMS:

  • the time needed to transfer processes will be shorter
  • your capital investment and operational efforts to Go Live will be smaller
  • you will avoid legal and practical pitfalls of setting up a company and an office in Central Eastern Europe
  • you will be able to quickly extend the scope of the center and services when needed
  • you will be able to benefit from best practices and expertise from day 1
  • you will avoid cultural clashes when operating a company in a different environment
  • in summary, you will have greater chances to achieve your financial and operational objectives at lower risk.

You may ask now “what about using a global BPO provider”. When you are a mid-sized business and your processing headcount is tens of employees (as opposed to hundreds of employees), you may not get the right attention from a global vendor and the solution may be more rigid and less flexible. These are the stories we hear from prospects and customers alike.

We believe that you can benefit more by working with a partner who’s size and capabilities match your expectations regarding executive management attention, flexibility and competitive prices. Simply speaking, a partner who will take an extra mile to make every customer happy.

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UCMS Group has the  proven experience, knowledge, local presence and professional staff to manage your payroll so that you stay relaxed

Other companies say about us...

Professional expertise - "A superb level of expertise in finance, payroll and HR administration."

Ability to listen - "They want to listen to our needs - they are ready to discuss changes and finally to implement them."

Quick reaction - "They can improve the standards quickly."

Hard competencies - "I can rely in 100% on their work and correctness of their delivery."

Source: Customers interviews conducted by external consultants in 2012.