Expert checkup of HR documentation

Identifying violations and potential risks, determining areas of deficiency, and gauging compliance with Russian law.

HR documentation checkup – what is included

Our full-service package for performing a checkup of your company’s HR documentation includes review of the following documents:

  • Incorporation documents, powers of attorney, and bylaws – verify who is authorized to sign documents
  • Organizational charts and memos for enacting organizational charts
  • Employment agreements, supplemental agreements to employment agreements, and log for recording employment agreements and changes to them
  • Personnel memos (hiring, transfers, firings, motivation and bonuses, and changes to personal information, including last names)
  • Logs for recording memos (personnel, vacation, business travel)
  • Employment history books (are they present and are they kept current)
  • Tracking log for employment history books and book inserts
  • Memos designating the person responsible for maintaining and storing employment history books
  • Job descriptions
  • Vacation memos (annual, additional, education-related, unpaid, childcare-related)
  • Vacation schedules
  • Personnel files (Unified Form T-2)
  • Memos sending employees on business travel, letters of assignment
  • Timesheets
  • Memos approving the format of the payroll sheet
  • Civil law contracts and corresponding certificates
  • Disciplinary memos
  • Employee code of conduct
  • Salary policy
  • Bonus policy
  • Personal data protection policy

Here are cases when an expert checkup of HR documentation is advisable:

  • When key employees responsible for HR processes are moved (firing, resignation, transfer to another position or unit)
  • When you have been informed of an upcoming tax audit
  • When a former employee threatens to seek an audit (salary or bonus is not paid on time or employee firing)
  • When company management is changed
  • When changes in legislation force you to make changes to your documentation

To complete the HR documentation checkup, consultants at the UCMS Group will prepare a final report for you, which will contain:

  • Report on the current state of HR documentation
  • List of corrections and problem areas to be addressed
  • Recommended actions for remedying errors found

We can also perform narrow checkups of particular areas of HR documentation for our customers. After the checkup, UCMS Group consultants are prepared to help you adjust or restore documents that are missing or incorrectly completed, in compliance with Russian law.

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