UCMS WorkForce

We offer a comprehensive suite of HR solutions that will meet your needs today and scale with your growth tomorrow.

UCMS Group has been active in HR administration in Russia for over 19 years. This vast experience has lead to development of UCMS WorkForce, an automated system for HR management at companies of all sizes, structures, and industries.

Unlike traditional automation solutions for HR, our solution is provided via the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This approach simplifies the purchasing process, sparing you the hassles of licensing, additional hardware, technical support, and system updates and administration. All you need is Internet access and a web browser!

Perfect tool for payroll outsourcing

We were the first company in Russia to offer the combination of payroll outsourcing and SaaS HRM system. We did that because we believe our customers deserve the best solutions and we love to share our expertise.

SaaS HRM means that we work in one environment, in one database and we work in one system of collecting, processing and storing of HR and payroll information.

System advantages

Quick to deploy

SaaS allows quick installation of the system for each customer. You do not have to spend any time to get the system deployed!

Easy to scale

UCMS WorkForce is perfect for small-sized company or large enterprise with multiple locations. Even as your business grows, you will not have to upgrade your hardware and/or software.

More protection and security

Remote access is available 24×7 over a secure Internet connection. UCMS WorkForce is located in our special data center equipped with backup communication lines and advanced security mechanisms. You can access the system any time, resting assured that your data is stored safely and securely.

Compliance with Russian legislation

As service provider, UCMS Group monitors all changes in Russian legislation and implements them in the system and without delay. So you’ll always be working on the most recent release, reflecting the latest laws and regulations.

Highly customizable

UCMS WorkForce allows addition of extra functionality to the standard settings: all changes are quick to make thanks to the multi-tenancy design. The user interface, business logic and data structure are all fully customizable.

Payments are clear and predictable

UCMS WorkForce updates, technical support, and user assistance are included in the monthly subscription fee. There are no hidden costs, no additional hardware purchases, no infrastructure fees. You pay only for what you use.

UCMS Group has rock solid HR Administration services so you can increse your performance in managing your strongest resource: your employees!

Quick Facts

As of March 2016

  • 829 legal entities served in 28 countries
  • 423 employees
  • 103 901 payroll slips / month
  • 36 599 users having access to HR portals