1C implementation and support

1C Implementation

Automation of accounting processes and information processing is an integral part of any company, which seek to increase labour productivity and effective financial and economic activities. Today it is difficult to imagine a business process without automated accounting systems.
UCMS Group is engaged in the development and implementation of the software product 1C for automation of payroll, HR administration, accounting and taxation needs and the needs of the client.

Configure integration 1C with western systems

Integration is an integral part in business building processes of foreign companies which have branches and subsidiaries in the territory of the Russian Federation, therefore, maintain accounting records in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. It is also effective for companies already successfully automated a significant part of their processes and for companies with unique business processes that require the development of specialized solutions.

1C products support

1C products support is a set of services on a regular basis; it is designed to maintain and develop existing automation system.

The system place on UCMS Group server

Placing the accounting systems in our data center allows you to use the software with a voluminous databases that will provide quick and smooth operation, will save money on the purchase of additional technical equipment and ensure the security of information.