The system place on UCMS Group server

Placing the accounting systems in our data center allows you to use the software with a voluminous databases that will provide quick and smooth operation, will save money on the purchase of additional technical equipment and ensure the security of information.

UCMS Group provides space for placing the accounting systems of the client in our data center, access the system backs up and restores it after failures if necessary. Additionally, we offer services to upgrade, support and development of your systems. We provide the highest level of transmission, processing, storage and data protection.

UCMS Group is the first outsourcing company in Russia to insure IT infrastructure from cyber threats and failures. Our servers are located in the data center, which has an index of the actual reliability of 100% since 2008 and is certified according to Tier-III.

We provide our clients with access to a reliable data center without the need of investing in their own infrastructure.

UCMS Group services is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The system is placed on a remote server both on a shared server and a dedicated server.

The main advantages of the system is placed on our servers:

  • access data center of Tier-III without the need of investing in infrastructure;
  • saving on costs associated with the placement of the database on its own resources;
  • guarantee of corporate safety data;
  • the backup organization;
  • the ability to install additional software and perform personal settings;
  • technical support for servers and accounting systems, development systems, if necessary;
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Dedicated server

We offer dedicated 1C servers for medium and large companies. Virtual server that is located in an industrial data center is allocated for organization work. Access to server works via secure Internet channel. Due to the high reliability of the data center, you will have round-the-clock access to 1C system. The data center ensures stable operation without glitches or malfunctions.

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