Payroll Processing

We take the payroll related burden off your shoulders and let you focus on your higher priority objectives.


Customised payroll processing outsourcing services in Russia.  Designed to best fulfill your needs! Proven experience in payroll outsourcing.

According to Expert RA, the leading Russian rating agency, UCMS Group Russia has been ranked Top-3 Payroll Outsourcing provider in Russia. We have performed millions of payroll calculations over the past years. We stay up to date with changes in the payroll legislation, including social security contributions and personal income taxes. With UCMS Group Russia, your payroll will be performed in an efficient manner and your legal and compliance risks will be reduced.

Ease your workload

When outsourcing your payroll calculations you need someone you can entrust with everything.

We set up your payroll rules and transfer data into our payroll software and go live within 1-2 months, regardless of the size of your headcount in Russia.
We have been in the payroll business for the past 16 years and understand the need to be flexible and responsive to the last-minute changes or requirements to set up a new wage type. It is simply a reflection of your organisation’s business needs. So we just do it at no extra cost.
We assign to you a dedicated payroll specialist and a payroll manager, and they are your direct contacts at UCMS Group Russia as long as you stay with us. We review our performance together with customers on a regular basis to make sure that they are happy with our services and our relationship.

The standard scope of our payroll services is as follows:

  • Payroll and salary-related tax calculations for regular employees and temporary staff
  • Calculation of payments for sick leave and holidays
  • Payments to employees according to employment contracts and the company’s internal rules
  • Preparation of payments according to civil contracts
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the social funds and tax inspectorate
  • Payslips for every employee (e-payslips or printed)
  • Payroll calculation results by cost-centers
  • Detailed reports for payroll calculation, holiday calculation and sick leave compensation
  • Management reporting by cost-centers and other required categories
  • Submission of quarterly and annual reports to the social funds and tax inspectorate
  • Preparation of payment documents

Depending on your needs, we can perform additional payroll processing services customised for your company.

Use HR Portal in addition to Payroll Outsourcing

We were the first BPO provider in Russia to offer Payroll Outsourcing services combined with Online HR Portal. With Online HR Portal, collecting, processing and maintaining HR and Payroll data is simplified and you have an online access 24/7 to your data. You can read more about Online HR Portal here.

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