Administration of contracts

An incorrectly written contract with the contractor or the lack of it leads to litigation. At the initial stage of starting business well-written and detailed contract will significantly reduce the risk of claims by tax authorities and counterparties in the future. Continuous legal support is protection of client’s interests in the sphere of a specific project. That is why UCMS Group pays maximum attention to the management service agreements.

Range of services in the field of contract law

UCMS Group provides services in the areas of contract law:

  1.  Comprehensive legal analysis of contracts for compliance with current legislation.
    The signing of atypical contracts, which often carry hidden legal risks, have recently become the norm for unscrupulous entrepreneurs. To protect the interests of the company at the time of conclusion of the contracts, UCMS Group offers the services of an experienced lawyer. He will control the process from beginning to signing the contract.
  2.  Development of documentation (leases, services, supplies, contract and other documentation).
    Accurate scheme of contractual work will allow to avoid unpleasant situations with suppliers and buyers, which in the future will not entail tax consequences.
  3. Termination of contracts with vendors or providers who do not perform their duties.
    UCMS Group is committed to terminate contracts with unreliable suppliers, including a judicial order.
  4.  Execution and regulation of cross-border contracts (controlled transactions), which requires a lot of expertise and attention, as it raises issues of international law, customs and currency control.
  5.  The provision of expanded consultation in the field of contract law – any legal issues that directly or indirectly relate to intercompany transactions (controlled transactions), foreign economic activities, customs procedures and currency control.
  6.  Claims work. Properly drafted model contract and its constant updating only reduce the level of claims of contractors, it does not eliminate completely. Therefore the main task of the lawyer is to represent a client in arbitration court.