Legal support during tax audits

Tax authorities may carry out cameral tax check at least once a quarter, field tax has to be performed once in three years.

The tax counter check, desk or field, may lead the tax-payer.

Qualified lawyers specializing in tax law are needed to protect the interests of the taxpayer; they should also have experience of interaction with tax authorities.

UCMS Group offers assistance to its customers in resolving issues at any stage of verification. Legal support provided in time will help to respond the requests, to control the actions of the supervising authorities and to identify violations during inspections.

Range of services:

  1. All types of services in conducting a tax audit.
  2. Representation at the desk audit and site inspection.
  3. The presence of an attorney and tax consultant in the excavation and inspection of documents.
  4. Training differences by site inspection.
  5. Representation before the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate.
  6. Detailed advice in matters of inspections and the provision of documents.
  7. Legal assessment, appeal of inspectors actions and results of the field inspections.
  8. Representation of taxpayers interests in court, litigation, protection and participation in conflict resolution.