Tax optimization

Tax optimization is a set of tools and methods that tax lawyers use for legal tax credit of the taxpayer.

A competent tax optimization is based on the following principles:

  • efficiency – use all available legal methods of reducing taxes;
  • legality takes into account not only the requirements of the law, but also the possible legal consequences from the use of a particular scheme of tax optimization;
  • autonomy – each method experts viewed through the prism of the complexity of its implementation and management;
  • reliability – stability of the scheme to the actions of business partners and other internal factors;
  • safety – avoiding the negative effects of the tax cuts in the company.

Depending on the time of realization, tax optimization can be ongoing and promising. Legality and regularity are the unifying features of each procedure.

A competent tax optimization allows you to:

  • to reduce the size of tax payments;
  • to minimize the penalties;
  • to reduce tax risks;
  • to postpone tax payments (transfer payment at a later date).

All the above features are legal, so the company can entrust the communication with the qualified tax authorities of the UCMS Group.


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