Transfer Pricing Services

Larger groups of companies frequently face issues related to conclusion of intra-group transactions that imply application of transfer pricing.

Transfer pricing activities require a highly qualified financial department that prepares a transaction, and always entails considerable labor costs. An important factor is also the fact that that in recent years intra-group transactions have received noticeably more attention from state controlling bodies and regulators.

UCMS Group offers its customers a comprehensive set of services in the field of transfer pricing.

By cooperating with us customers receive comprehensive accurate data and recommendations for conducting intra-group transactions, while being able not to spend internal resources of financial and tax departments on routine work on preparation of such transactions. At the same time, we can also provide consulting support in terms of optimizing the existing services responsible for transfer pricing.

Together with UCMS Group customers are assured of compliance with the legal requirements for transfer transactions, thereby significantly reducing fiscal and legal risks for the business.

UCMS Group offers the following transfer pricing services:

  • Adaptation of global transfer pricing policies of international groups of companies to the current requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory reporting to public authorities;
  • Transfer pricing in financial services;
  • Tax structuring of supplies;
  • Development of internal business processes and monitoring algorithms aimed at monitoring compliance with transfer pricing rules;
  • Development of recommendations on the formation of internal functions of transfer pricing in various organizations, establishment of efficient interaction between internal services involved.